Sunday, 25 January 2015

KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray

This is the KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry spray, I am literally blown away with this product I am so happy I purchased it. The instructions on the bottle say to evenly spritz the spray on towel dried hair then blow dry as normal, the spray is meant to reduce your blow drying time by up to half your usual time whilst at the same time providing heat protection and adding shine. What more could you ask for?

This product is in 2 parts which you then shake together until you see the liquid turn a pale pink colour (shown in my picture). So first impressions were I'm in love. I am utterly amazed with this product, I really wasn't expecting it to do what it said but it honestly does. My hair can take up to 35 minutes to blow dry which is such a long time but I do have very thick long hair, I was amazed that using the KMS Free Shape spray my hair took 15 minutes to fully dry. My hair was left feeling wonderful it felt silky soft and I was amazed that it cut my blow drying time down. It definitely seems to protect my hair and it doesn't give it any kind of weird texture nor does it make it feel really heavy (like some other products I've tried). It smells amazing it leaves my hair shiny and smooth therefore I highly recommend this product it is now one of my staple hair products and I don't think I could live without out it.

I purchased the KMS California FreeShape Quick Blow Dry from feelunique for £13.50 for 200ml which should last a good while. I really want to try the a few of the Tame Frizz products from KMS California range.

What do you think of the KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray? Let me know in the comments below!

Emma x

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel!

One of my dream products has finally come to life. Benefit's Puff Off Eye Gel has been designed to instantly smooth out fine lines, de-puff as well as cooling the eye area. The applicator tip is shaped like an iron which is designed to help smooth out lines, the angled iron shaped nozzle is a perfect shape and size for easy use, the nozzle allows precision while the metal tip cools. The first time I used this I think I fell in love straight away it instantly hydrated and left a softly iridescent finish to my under eye area, there is no shimmer to this product which is great. The formula felt so nice I felt like my under eye area was getting a massage and felt satiny smooth. I love that the cooling gel contains peptide which works to stimulate collagen.
Application couldn't be easier all you do is give the tube a little squeeze and dot 1-2 dots of the gel under each eye and then simply use the iron to glide the product over the skin, another great thing about this product it can be used on bare skin or over make-up. My advice is not to squeeze the tube too firmly as it does result in excess product, this product is not prone to leakage which is great. Also keep in mind that if you are wearing it on top of make-up make sure to pat the product gently into the skin. The Benefit Puff Off is the perfect sized product to pop in your handbag I have been taking this on the go with me this week just to try it out if and when I feel like my under eyes need a bit of tlc. After a week of using this I think I have found a new favourite, although I know its not a skincare treatment and won't provide long term results but in my opinion it works a treat for me and it's a great under eye boost.
As you can see the formula is a pearly pink colour. I mean how cute is this iron applicator, I definitely have not seen anything like this before, and I am so impressed with Benefits new release I have my first favourite of 2015. This product has quickly become a staple piece in my make-up bag, I enjoy using it before applying concealer as well as on the go if I feel my eyes need a bit of an afternoon boost. So if you are looking for something to gently smooth de-puff and cool the under eye area this is absolutely worth it!

Benefit's New 'Puff Off' Eye Gel will be available in the UK from late January and will retail at £22.50! Are you looking forward to the launch of the Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel? Will you be purchasing this product?

Emma x
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