Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Zoeva Classic Make-up Brush Set

These are the Zoeva Classic Brush Set. I have been lusting for a Zoeva brush set for some time now it was my Birthday last month so I was so so happy when I received these. I mean how pretty are they? I love the silver and black combo and they look so pretty and chic in my make-up brush pot. The Zoeva Classic brush set is a great set to start off your collection, I do plan to build mine over time. So this set includes 8 brushes for face and eyes, this set also comes with a gorgeous large brush clutch which features the Zoeva logo on the front. These brushes are incredibly soft, they are made from both natural and synthetic bristles and so far after using them for a month there has been no signs of shedding. All in all I think this is an amazing set that will last years, I will definitely be adding to my Zoeva brush collection in the future!

Face Brushes:
125 Stippling Brush: This duo fibre brush is perfect for applying foundation it blends the foundation into the skin like a dream and leaves my skin looking flawless.

128 Cream Cheek Brush: I personally use this brush for contouring as I find the angled shape of the brush fits perfectly into the hollows of the cheek.

105 Highlight Brush: I love highlight products but find some brushes to be far too big, the tapered shape of this brush makes it easy to highlight the cheek bone without going to overboard.

142 Concealer Buffer: This brush is the perfect fit for under the eye area it blends out my concealer and feels so soft against the skin no under eye pulling.
Eye Brushes:
228 Crease Brush: This brush is the perfect size for applying and blending out eye
shadow in the crease of the eyelid. The shape of the brush is perfect for creating that definition in the crease.

227 Soft Definer: I use this brush to blend out my eye shadow just to make sure it is all blended out properly it's a perfect size to buff out your shadow.

230 Pencil Brush: This brush is the perfect size to apply eye shadow to the lower lash line, it has a tapered point which makes it so easy to smudge out eye shadow on the lower lash line for that smoky effect.

317 Wing Liner Brush: I love using this brush to fill in my eye brows it is the perfect size.
Zoeva Brushes are such high quality this set is priced at £52.95 from BeautyBay with free shipping. I can't wait to expand my Zoeva set and try many other make-up brushes from the range.

What are your thoughts on the Zoeva Brushes? Let me know in the comments below.

Emma x

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Benefit 'Roller Lash' Mascara

Here is a new release from Benefit, it's the 'Roller Lash' Mascara. I am a big fan of Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara so when I heard this was going to be released at the end of this month I was so excited to get my hands on it. You can pick up a free sample of the new 'Roller Lash' mascara in March's ELLE magazine which is out right now so definitely go and buy one if you want to try it out before you buy the full version.
 I love how all Benefit's products have such fun names and the packaging is always so chic. The Roller Lash mascara is designed to curl and lift your eyelashes, it is said to be 'a revolutionary new super curling and lifting mascara which will last up to 12 hours'. Apparently the brush was styled on old school Velcro hair rollers and a flexible wand that has small rubber hooks that gently grab and hold your lashes to curl and set.

When I first tried this mascara my first thoughts were wow this may be a new favourite. I felt that it really did grab my lashes and give them that extra bit of curl. It didn't clump at all it separated my lashes quite well, there's nothing worse than clumpy eyelashes full of mascara and you have to start all over again, so I was impressed with that. The wand has lots of bristles so when you apply the mascara to your lashes it actually feels as if they are being brushed. I definitely noticed the difference in just one coat, it made my lashes look longer and fuller. As much as I love Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara I have always found it a bit tricky too remove but with the 'Roller Lash' I found it glided off and I didn't seem to have to press on my eyelashes. Overall I really like this mascara so far I love the fact that one coat gives you the length as well as the curl and thickness I will 100% be picking up the full sized one as soon as it's released.
Roller Lash isn't due to launch until the end of this month, but for now Benefit have teamed up with ELLE magazine to give you a chance to try out a sample of the mascara before the actual release date. I picked up the magazine in my local Tesco for £4 so it's definitely worth it.
Have you picked up your free sample of the Benefit Roller Lash? If so what are your thoughts on it?
Emma x

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My Jolie Candle Cherry Blossom

I first heard about My Jolie Candle around two months ago, I loved the concept and thought it was so unique. I have been meaning to order one for some time now so I was very happy to receive this thoughtful gift from My Jolie Candle. The packaging is so cool and very thought out not only did they send just the candle but other treats too how cute!
My Jolie Candle is available in various scents which include Cinnamon, Orange blossom, Make My Lemonade, Red fruit, Gingerbread and the newest release which is 'Cherry blossom'. So first you choose the scent you want then you choose the type of jewellery you would like which includes a ring, bracelet or necklace, you even get to choose the size of your ring to ensure it fits perfectly. There are many different styles of silver jewellery but all are made with Swarovski element crystals. The package will contain a piece of jewellery which is randomly selected, so to get your piece of jewellery you simply burn the candle until you are able to lift out the little foil package which the jewellery is securely placed in.
My Jolie Candle sent me the newest release which is called 'Cherry Blossom' it comes in the cutest packaging and this candle smells amazing the scent Cherry Blossom is described as "Opulent and floral, the perfume of cherry blossom delicately spreads it's petals, bringing to mind the heady feeling of being in love". This is definitely the perfect scent for Valentine's Day!
After burning the candle for a few days I was able to pick the foil packet out with a pair of tweezers, so inside was this gorgeous bracelet that has a French word 'Oui' which means "Yes I do" on the end there is this lovely circle Swarovski crystal which shines beautifully when it hits the light. I think this bracelet is lovely it's very dainty looking but yet very pretty to wear during the day or at night.
You can look at some of the lovely pieces of jewellery people have received with My Jolie Candle by searching Instagram with #MyJolieSurprise. The prices of each candle varies depending on what piece of jewellery you choose €19.90 for the ring, €24.90 for the bracelet and €29.90 for the necklace. I love the concept of these candles, they are fun and smell amazing. My Jolie Candle would make a great gift for anytime of the year, not only do you get an amazing smelling candle but you also get a piece of jewellery inside!
Follow My Jolie Candle on Instagram @myjoliecandle and Twitter @myjoliecandle
Purchase your own candle from My Jolie Candle and save 15% on your next order using the promo code: Emma15
What do you think My Jolie Candle?

Emma x

Sunday, 8 February 2015

La Roche-Posay Serozinc

La Roche-Posay Serozinc is one of the most hard to get hold of loved product in the blogging world as most people pick it up when visiting France but good news La Roche-Posay Serozinc is now available in the UK through Escentual priced at £7.20. As soon as I knew I straight away went and ordered one. Serozinc is made up of three ingredients: Thermal spring water, astringent sodium chloride and zinc sulphate, this come in a spray form which is so convenient. Serozinc is to be used after cleansing and before applying serum/moisturisers, it is described as a mattifying toner that tightens the appearances of pores while at the same time tackling blemishes and irritated skin, which are all the things I look for in a good skincare product so this was a must have for me.
I have been using this product for around a month now, I thought I would give it a good try before doing a review on it. So far, so good. I like the fact it comes in a spray and it takes the place of a toner in between cleansing and moisturising. The fact that it is so easy to use is an extra bonus, you just simply close your eyes and spray. I do feel that it tightens those pores and it gives a nice cooling sensation while soothing the skin. At first it feels like you're spraying water onto your skin but within a minute its been absorbed, as soon as it has been absorbed it leaves the skin looking matte. I actually like using this before I apply my make-up in the morning as well as at night. If you suffer with oily/blemish prone skin then I would highly recommend this as it has definitely become a must have in my skincare routine. I believe and feel for myself that is tightens my pores and has helped to reduce breakouts as I have been using it every single day morning and night. I can see why this was such a talked about product and I'm so glad I purchased one. I believe products take time and continuous use to notice the true difference and as I feel this isn't overly expensive and does last quite a while I will be purchasing it again.
Will you be purchasing the La Roche-Posay Serozinc? If you have what are you thoughts on it? I would love to know!

Emma x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Birthday Bits & Bobs

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have seen that it was my Birthday on Saturday. I turned 23 eek! I had a great day and evening. My sister made me this amazing Birthday cake it is a makeup bag with makeup brushes, eyeshadow palettes around the bag, it is so cool I love it. So I thought I would share with you the lovely gifts I received. I know it's always fun to have a nose at the things people get as it also can be a great help with gift ideas! I'm so grateful for all the cards, messages and gifts I got!

I have been wanting the Rose Gold GHD's for such a long time now and I finally have them I am in love with the colour!!!!
I love bath and body sets so I was so happy to receive these two lovely boxed sets one is Ted Baker and the other is Champney's they are both such lovely sets and the boxes come in so handy for storage.

I have a candle obsession and Yankee Candles are favourite of all time, one day I shall own every single one hehe, I love the Vanilla Cupcake by Yankee candle it smells exactly like a frosted cupcake! I also got this lovely tea light candle tray it matches my décor in my room so well and it now lives on my new chest of draws I love it!

How cool is my cake? So my sister made me this make-up bag cake with all these amazing icing make-up brushes, eye shadows and the cutest lipstick!

I also got this Zoeva make up brush set which I have been wanting for the longest time, I will write a separate blog post on these so keep an eye out for that! They're gorgeous and I love them so far the brushes are super soft!
I also got the Urban Decay On The Run Palette I absolutely love all the colours in this palette and I can see this becoming my new favourite palette! I will also be writing a separate review blog post on this palette so keep an eye out for that also.

I hope you enjoyed this post seeing and reading about the bits I received for my Birthday!

Emma x

Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Perfume Samples

Perfume can be a pretty expensive hobby, I love trying out new scents but I would never be able to afford a £60-80 bottle a month, therefore perfume samples that range from 1-5ml are a perfect way to try out a wide range of different brands, it is an easy and fun way to try before you buy the full sized bottle. 

My Perfume Samples* is a great website, they sell licensed perfume samples, full size perfume and more. You can check them out at they sell lovely gift sets which include 4-5 perfume samples and the range of sets goes on and on so they'll be something for everyone, they would also make such a great gift if you are stuck on what to buy friends or family for special occasions. You can also purchase each perfume sample separately which you can choose either a 1ml, 3ml or a 5ml bottle.
I was kindly sent some of the newest and most popular fragrances in assorted sizes. Each sample perfume comes in a plastic bottle with a lid, they're labelled with the name and brand of the perfume. The fragrance samples I received were:
• My Burberry by Burberry 1ml
• Stella by Stella McCartney 3ml
• Modern Muse Chic by Estée Lauder 3ml
• Stars by Jimmy Choo 5ml
• Extatic by Balmain 5ml
I loved all the scents that I received, they all smell very sophisticated I especially loved Stars by Jimmy Choo this is now on my wish list for the full sized bottle. I'm one of them people that has to carry a perfume in my handbag but they can be rather heavy so this week I have been popping these samples in my handbag and it has been great my bag feels a lot lighter and I haven't got to worry if it gets broken. 

If you are a perfume lover who always wants to try out new scents this is a great way to try before you buy. I can't wait to order some gift sets for my friends and family also myself!
You can follow My Perfume Samples on Twitter @MyPerfumeSample, Facebook, Instagram MyPerfumeSamples and Woodpress
I have a code where you can save 10% on your order using the promo code: SAVE10
Let me know if you purchase any perfume samples and let me know what you think of them!
Emma x
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