Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My Jolie Candle Cherry Blossom

I first heard about My Jolie Candle around two months ago, I loved the concept and thought it was so unique. I have been meaning to order one for some time now so I was very happy to receive this thoughtful gift from My Jolie Candle. The packaging is so cool and very thought out not only did they send just the candle but other treats too how cute!
My Jolie Candle is available in various scents which include Cinnamon, Orange blossom, Make My Lemonade, Red fruit, Gingerbread and the newest release which is 'Cherry blossom'. So first you choose the scent you want then you choose the type of jewellery you would like which includes a ring, bracelet or necklace, you even get to choose the size of your ring to ensure it fits perfectly. There are many different styles of silver jewellery but all are made with Swarovski element crystals. The package will contain a piece of jewellery which is randomly selected, so to get your piece of jewellery you simply burn the candle until you are able to lift out the little foil package which the jewellery is securely placed in.
My Jolie Candle sent me the newest release which is called 'Cherry Blossom' it comes in the cutest packaging and this candle smells amazing the scent Cherry Blossom is described as "Opulent and floral, the perfume of cherry blossom delicately spreads it's petals, bringing to mind the heady feeling of being in love". This is definitely the perfect scent for Valentine's Day!
After burning the candle for a few days I was able to pick the foil packet out with a pair of tweezers, so inside was this gorgeous bracelet that has a French word 'Oui' which means "Yes I do" on the end there is this lovely circle Swarovski crystal which shines beautifully when it hits the light. I think this bracelet is lovely it's very dainty looking but yet very pretty to wear during the day or at night.
You can look at some of the lovely pieces of jewellery people have received with My Jolie Candle by searching Instagram with #MyJolieSurprise. The prices of each candle varies depending on what piece of jewellery you choose €19.90 for the ring, €24.90 for the bracelet and €29.90 for the necklace. I love the concept of these candles, they are fun and smell amazing. My Jolie Candle would make a great gift for anytime of the year, not only do you get an amazing smelling candle but you also get a piece of jewellery inside!
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What do you think My Jolie Candle?

Emma x


  1. Aww, that bracelet looks super cute! I'm also a big fan of the packaging. I love lip and heart printed things. I live in a small apartment right now and so I'm too worried about stuff catching on fire to burn candles, but My Jolie Candle looks so lovely.

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  2. This would make such a wonderful gift! Shame my flat is already swamped with Yankee Candles or I'd definitely get one of these. x


    1. I agree would make a lovely gift even to yourself hehe
      Great blog hun x

  3. I Love the bracelets and candles. great present to give someone for valentine's day


  4. Love it , I need a new candle xox


  5. This is so cute <3


  6. I LOVE the packaging! It's gorgeous! I've never heard of this brand before so it's new too me, looks like it would be a good gift to friends!



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