Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Zoeva Classic Make-up Brush Set

These are the Zoeva Classic Brush Set. I have been lusting for a Zoeva brush set for some time now it was my Birthday last month so I was so so happy when I received these. I mean how pretty are they? I love the silver and black combo and they look so pretty and chic in my make-up brush pot. The Zoeva Classic brush set is a great set to start off your collection, I do plan to build mine over time. So this set includes 8 brushes for face and eyes, this set also comes with a gorgeous large brush clutch which features the Zoeva logo on the front. These brushes are incredibly soft, they are made from both natural and synthetic bristles and so far after using them for a month there has been no signs of shedding. All in all I think this is an amazing set that will last years, I will definitely be adding to my Zoeva brush collection in the future!

Face Brushes:
125 Stippling Brush: This duo fibre brush is perfect for applying foundation it blends the foundation into the skin like a dream and leaves my skin looking flawless.

128 Cream Cheek Brush: I personally use this brush for contouring as I find the angled shape of the brush fits perfectly into the hollows of the cheek.

105 Highlight Brush: I love highlight products but find some brushes to be far too big, the tapered shape of this brush makes it easy to highlight the cheek bone without going to overboard.

142 Concealer Buffer: This brush is the perfect fit for under the eye area it blends out my concealer and feels so soft against the skin no under eye pulling.
Eye Brushes:
228 Crease Brush: This brush is the perfect size for applying and blending out eye
shadow in the crease of the eyelid. The shape of the brush is perfect for creating that definition in the crease.

227 Soft Definer: I use this brush to blend out my eye shadow just to make sure it is all blended out properly it's a perfect size to buff out your shadow.

230 Pencil Brush: This brush is the perfect size to apply eye shadow to the lower lash line, it has a tapered point which makes it so easy to smudge out eye shadow on the lower lash line for that smoky effect.

317 Wing Liner Brush: I love using this brush to fill in my eye brows it is the perfect size.
Zoeva Brushes are such high quality this set is priced at £52.95 from BeautyBay with free shipping. I can't wait to expand my Zoeva set and try many other make-up brushes from the range.

What are your thoughts on the Zoeva Brushes? Let me know in the comments below.

Emma x


  1. I reallly want to try the Zoeva brushes - have been saying it for ages so I may need to take plunge and just buy them. Free shipping too even better x

  2. This set looks gorgeous. I'v had my eyes on Zoeva brushes for a while, I may have to have a splurge! x

  3. These look stunning, might have to start saving up for these!!

  4. they look so chic! are they better than RT?

    1. It depends on what brushes from Real Techniques I have found anything quite like my expert face brush from real techniques but these are amazing! X

  5. Zoeva do some beautiful brushes. I should invest in a set!

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

  6. Zoeva do gorgeous makeup brushes, always wanted to try some! X

  7. Zoeva do gorgeous makeup brushes, always wanted to try some! X

  8. These brushes look stunning! I just love the bag they come in! xx

  9. This set of brushes is amazing! They are great! :)

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

  10. Oh god these brushes are so beautiful! I want them all
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

  11. I'm thinking of purchasing from Zoeva soon! They are gorgeous brushes, very jealous. xx

  12. They look so nice, I would really like the rose gold set x

  13. One day soon, I will own the rose gold Zoeva set. One day...

  14. These look amazing!

  15. These look amazing! I've been wanting to get some for ages - might have to put this little kit on the wish list! Lovely posts :)!

    robynisabella x

  16. So Amazing makeup brashes! I love this blog :) Thank you for the lovely post :)!

    Makeup Brush Set


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