Tuesday, 31 March 2015

ECOTOOLS Complexion Collection Brushes!

For Spring ECOTOOLS are launching four brand new brushes to their range, these are called the 'Complexion Collection'. I love ECOTOOLS they are eco-friendly and also completely cruelty free and they're such  great value for money. There are four brushes in this range which are all sold separately, these brushes have been designed to improve skin's health, maximize natural beauty and aid common skincare concerns. I love the design of the complexion collection brushes they feature the usual bamboo handles and they have added a bit of colour to the brush ferrules, I really like the blue design on them it definitely makes them stand out.
Mattifying Finish Brush: Here's to a natural finish, this brush is designed to control shine and oily skin all day. I use this with loose powders, the bristles pick up the perfect amount of product which gives and even coverage all over. The Mattifying finish brush is the perfect size for the T-zone area and also a perfect size for bronzers. The bristles are lovely and soft and it blends pressed and loose powders into the skin leaving a lovely matte finish. This is definitely one of my favourite brushes from the range. The Mattifying Finsih Brush retails at £7.99.
Skin Perfecting Brush: Begin every day fresh faced, the Skin Perfecting brush is designed to smoothly apply BB/CC creams. The rounded edge is the perfect shape and size to give you precise coverage around your eyes and nose. This brush is super soft and glides along my skin so smoothly leaving me with a flawless finish, I know it's designed for BB/CC creams but I also use this with my liquid foundations and it works just as good, it buffs in my foundation and leaves me with a even finish. The Skin Perfecting Brush retails at £6.99.
Eye Perfecting Brush: We all want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles under our eyes so here is the answer. The Eye Perfecting Brush is my favourite brush out of the four. The tip bristles mimic the shape of a finger which allows easy application under and around the eyes without tugging. I love applying my concealer with this brush and it's now a must have in my make up bag. The Eye Perfecting Brush retails at £5.99.
Correcting Concealer Brush: The Correcting Concealer Brush is designed to conceal imperfections such as redness, blemishes and any other imperfections which will leave you with a radiant complexion. The short wavy bristles distribute concealer in a precise spot to cover any imperfections you may have. I love using this on any blemishes I may have, it helps to give me that extra coverage I need. I also like how it's a multi use brush and can be used to smudge and blend in eye shadow. The Correcting Concealer Brush retails at £4.99
I am so impressed with the new ECOTOOLS Complexion Collection range and they are now stable pieces in my make up bag. There has been no fall out of bristles which is a massive plus for me. Each brush is also the perfect size, they all fit nicely into my make up bag so they're perfect for travelling. The Eco Tools Complexion Collection range launches in Boots this month.
Will you be purchasing the new ECOTOOLS Complexion Collection Brush range?
Emma x

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Monthly Favourites | March

It's officially Spring!! So here's my March favourites, I can't believe another month has come to an end, this year is honestly flying by and I can't believe it's April in a few days. Spring is here and before we know it we will be in August enjoying cocktails in the sun!! This is my first monthly favourites post so let me know if you would like me to continue these each month, I love reading these style post's so I hope you like it. I've included beauty products, skincare and also lifestyle bits and bobs.  
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara: here we have a newbie by Benefit that has only recently been released in full size which I am still meaning to pick up. This is a sample size which was free in the ELLE magazine I'm guilty of buying 4 magazines just so I had enough before the full sized one came out. This mascara gives me such long lashes and it lasts all day, I have a first impressions blog post on this mascara so definitely go and check that out here -> (Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Blog Post)
Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette: Urban Decay palettes are my favourite I own every single Naked Palette and I love them all! I have recently been using this for the day time and night it's a great nude matte palette that you can create many looks with from subtle looks for the day to a dark smokey eye for the night. There's a blog post all about this Palette here -> (Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette Blog Post)
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Cream: This is definitely my number one skincare must have. I go through these far too quickly but I can't live without it. It's been a favourite of mine for month's now but I thought I would mention it in this post just in case any of you haven't yet come across it. Eight hour cream is not actually a cream it's a balm, it can be used for just about everything it soothes, relieves, softens your skin all year round. I use it on my lips, my elbows, my cuticles and also to sooth down my eyebrows at night. I can't fault this product at all I LOVE IT!!
La Roche Posay Serozinc: As soon as this was available in the UK through Escentual I had to order one. I love the fact it comes in a spray and it takes the place of a toner in between cleansing and moisturising. I honestly feel this tightens my pores and it gives a nice cooling sensation while soothing the skin, this will be great in the summer also as it's really refreshing I use this morning and night.
Burt's Bees Refreshing Lip Balm in Grapefruit: have been a life saver in these colder months I recently got to try out the scented ones you can read my full post about them here -> (Burt's Bees Lip Balms Blog Post) This is a refreshing lip balm in the scent Pink Grapefruit it smells amazing and leaves my lips feeling very moisturised throughout the day.
Dessi Designs iPhone 6 Case: How cute is my new phone case I absolutely love it! This gorgeous floral case is from Dessi Designs on Etsy! Definitely go and check out her shop -> (DessiDesigns) she does some lovely phone cases iPad and Macbook laptop cases! You can also follow her on Twitter: Dessi_Designs and on Facebook: DessillievaDesigns
Mr Wonderful Vanilla Ice Cream Candle: My candle obsession isn't getting any better I told myself I would not buy any for a while but then I come across Mr Wonderful's Instagram and had to check out the website, I saw this candle and knew I had to have it! Mr Wonderful is based in France so the postage charge was quite expensive but it honestly smells amazing and comes in the cutest packaging so I'm so happy I got it! It smells exactly like Vanilla Ice Cream and it's divine!
365 Blog Topic Ideas: This book is pretty straight forward it's 365 blog topic ideas for the lifestyle blogger who has nothing to write about. Each page has a different blog topic idea on it and nothing else no other writing is included. I like the format and it has a very basic concept. I have actually been going through it just to get some inspiration for future blog posts. If you are having trouble with what to write about next definitely go and purchase this book you'll be able to get some inspiration and also adapt it and put your own spin on it.
Wrap Me recently sent me this awesome personalised wrapping paper and I love it!! I can't wait to order some for my mum for her birthday I think she will be amazed by it. You can order your personalised wrapping paper here -> www.wrap.me

Let me know some of your monthly favourites in the comments below!
Emma x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel* is a little different from other cleansers I own and I've definitely fallen for it. The Oskia cleansing gel is described as an "Illuminating vitamin & pumpkin enzyme facial cleanser that cleanses, softens and brightens the skin". It states to deep cleanse pores, remove makeup, removes dead skin cells, improves the appearance of sun damaged dry and mature skin while softening and nourishing your skin, it contains vitamins A, C & E, Starflower, Oil, Pumpkin Enzymes, Chamomile and Rose. I love trying new cleansers as taking off my makeup is a daily routine so I like to make sure I'm using a really good cleanser to remove that extra bit of daily grime. The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing gel is suitable for: Dull skin, dry oily and combination skin, acne prone skin and blemished skin. The packaging is just so chic to it has a pump on the top which I love it's very sturdy and pumps out just enough product for my entire face.
This is described as a gel which is true, the rosy coloured gel is quite thick at first but as you spread the gel around your face it melts to a balm like substance. I love the feel of this on my skin it feels like silk, I apply the gel to dry skin then I wet my finger tips and continue to massage it in removing my makeup, I do this for a few minutes then rinse my face with warm water. I also use this with my Magnitone you can see my review on this here. This cleansing gel smells amazing so that's also a great plus. When I apply this to my skin it instantly feels nourishing I notice a difference in my skins texture from the first use, my face feels softer and smoother. It doesn't leave a greasy residue behind, I find it actually leaves a nice glow to my skin. You can use this cleanser morning or night I prefer to use at night when removing my makeup.
I absolutely love the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel and I know this is going to last me such a long time as a little honestly goes a long way. I love the outcome from using this I feel like my skin is not stripped from natural oils, my skin is left feeling soft and fresh. Since using the Oskia renaissance cleansing gel I have noticed my breakouts have calmed down and I've definitely noticed an improvement which is a huge plus for me.
You can buy the Oskia Cleansing Gel here for £28 I can honestly say it's worth the price especially if you want to treat yourself to a good effective cleanser.
Have you tried the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel?
Emma x

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Magnitone Lucid Cleansing and Exfoliating Brush

When it comes to skincare I am always looking out for the next best thing. I recently got the Magnitone Lucid in mint green I absolutely love the colour! The Magnitone is a face cleansing and exfoliating brush that claims to make your skin softer, smoother and brighter in just 7 days. The Magnitone is suitable for all skin types and has two cleansing modes, one for a deep cleanse and the other is a sensitive gentle cleanse. The soft bristles pulse at 10,000 pulsed oscillations (vibrations) per minute and it also has a 20 second zonal timer which beeps when it's time to move to a different area of your face. The Magnitone Lucid is the perfect size and will be great for travelling, the charger is pretty cool it's a magnet which pops onto the bottom and you just plug the adapter in as usual. The charge on this is amazing mine kept it's charge for around 2weeks and I use it day and night, pretty impressive.
As always with any beauty product or tools that offer such big claims I was a bit sceptical but after using this day and night for the first week I was really impressed and surprised with the outcome. I use the Magnitone with any current cleanser I am using or trying out. I simply apply my cleanser onto my face with my hands as normal and then I will use the Magnitone in circular movements focusing on the areas I feel my pores are quite blocked. My skin definitely felt softer after the first time using the Magnitone. The changes in my skin have been great I feel it looks smoother and brighter just as it promises. My cheeks no longer feel dry and my pores have definitely reduced. Another amazing bonus for me is since using this I feel my makeup sits flawlessly on my face.
The Magnitone is very lightweight and it fits in your hand nicely, I love the design of the Magnitone and you can honestly see the thought that has gone into this beauty cleanser. I feel they have honestly thought of everything to ensure the experience is the best it can be. The Magnitone is super easy and quick to use, it's 100% waterproof so you can take this into the shower or bath. To clean the head I simply run it under warm water and leave it to dry over night. The Magnitone will give your skin the care it needs, it also apparently allows your skin to absorb skincare products more and I mean who doesn't want that?! I love my Magnitone Lucid and I use it religiously day and night. I am so impressed with this and it is an incredible beauty find that has made my skincare routine so much easier.
You can purchase the Magnitone Lucid here -> www.magnitone.co.uk for £69.99. The Magnitone Lucid is available in Pink, Mint Green, Yellow and Blue.
Have you tried the Magnitone Lucid? Is it something you'd like to try?
Emma x

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Burt's Bees Lip Balms

I love Burt's Bees Lip Balms and I have been using the original Beeswax lip balm for years now I always have one in my make up bag one in my coat pocket especially in these colder months. I was recently sent some of the flavoured lip balms which also have a specific use, I was yet to try these so I was quite excited. They all smell so amazing especially the pink one which is a refreshing lip balm which smell likes pink grapefruit!
The Refreshing Lip Balm with Pink Grapefruit has got to be my favourite smell out of them all. This lip balm leaves your lips feeling refreshed and moisturised, I love this one not only for the smell but how long my lips felt soft and moisturised for I also like the fact it contains Vitamins C and E. The nourishing lip balm with mango butter has definitely helped heal my chapped lips this winter, the scent of this one isn't as powerful but it's still quite pleasant.
The hydrating lip balm with coconut and pears smells amazing and I love applying this just before bed just so my lips stay hydrated through the night. I apply the revitalizing blueberry and dark chocolate just before my makeup and I am very impressed by the results it delivers.
Beeswax lip balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint
Hydrating lip balm with Coconut and Pear
Revitalizing lip balm with Blueberry and Dark Chocolate
Refreshing lip balm with Pink Grapefruit
Nourishing lip balm with Mango Butter 
All of these Burt's Bees lip balms retail at £3.69 and can be purchased from www.burtsbees.co.uk 

I love how Burt's Bees lip balms feel on the lips they have such a silky texture and apply smoothly without that waxy feeling. Using the Burt's Bees lip balms my lips feel very soft, smooth and nourished and they have helped me heal and prevent dry chapped lips
through the colder months. I love that they all smell amazing and do not taste weird at all. These lip balms are the perfect size and are travel friendly I literally have them everywhere just so I'm never without one! 

Have you tried the infused scented Burt's Bees lip balms? Which scent is your favourite?

Emma x

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Flamingo Gifts

Flamingo Gifts is a wonderful online retailer of all things lovely, being a shopping addict of home ware items, candles, notebooks, bath products and anything cute and quirky really this website is great! I was lucky enough to choose some bits from the fabulous Flamingo Gifts and feature them on my blog. I spent about two hours browsing the site and making a wish list for another day hehe! I was honestly spoilt for choice as they have so many amazing items on their website I wanted everything. As a lover of notebooks and also bath bombs I chose this Happy Jackson Notebook and the Boho Belle gift pack and I honestly love the products I was sent.
The Boho Belle gift pack has the cutest packaging with a pretty bow, I have also kept them paper for future use. This set would make such a lovely Mother's Day gift or Birthday gift for a friend or family member, it's great that it's already gift wrapped in this pretty paper and it also explains what's inside the box on the little booklet attached.
So inside this bath set you will get:
1 Flutter By, Butterfly Bath Blaster 160g
1 Rosehipster Buttercup 30g
1 Garden Part Bath Mallow 30g
1 Sweet Sundae Soap 100g
1 Free Spirit Soap 100g
Can I just say these smell amazing I could actually smell them before I unwrapped the box so I instantly knew my bathroom would smell divine! Each bath product is well thought out and very cute! These would look so pretty in a little basket on your bathroom side. Bath bombs are great for a relaxing pamper night in, so I lit my favourite candle and popped the Butterfly bath bomb in the bath, this particular one did fizz and changed the water to a limey green colour and it smelt amazing! I'm excited to try the rest of the products in this set especially the Garden Party bath mallow which is shown below, it just looks too pretty to use hehe!
As a stationery lover and an owner of too many notebooks to even count of course I had to add another to my collection. I love 'Happy Jackson' notepads they are the perfect size to fit in your handbag and are great to make everyday lists on. This is a cute little pink hardback notebook with the quote 'Little book of AWESOME!' printed on the front. As a blogger and a daily to do list maker this size notebook is perfect for me for jotting down blog ideas and keeping track of items I still have to review.
Thank you so much to Flamingo Gifts for these amazing gifts! I will defientley be making some home ware purchases in the next week! You can check out their Instagram here -> www.instagram.com/flamingogifts twitter -> www.twitter.com/flamingogifts
Take a look at the amazing products they sell here -> www.flamingogifts.co.uk there is such a wide variety so there will definitely be something for everyone!

Have you purchased any items from Flamingo Gifts?

Emma x

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Makeup Revolution I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Eyeshadow Palette

Another new and exciting release from Makeup Revolution it's the I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Eyeshadow Palette. The packaging of this palette is really cool the outer black plastic casing has been lined with black fur and in the middle is this crystal cut heart. As you might expect it's another great palette with a mix of shimmer and mattes.
The I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette contains sixteen eye shadows, a large mirror within the lid and a double ended sponge tip applicator. I love the balance between warm and cool toned shades in this palette.
Free: A matte pale pink toned cream shade which you can barely see against my skin tone in the swatches below but I am quite pale. This is a gorgeous shade for all over the lid to brighten up your eyes or even a bit or brow bone highlight.
Stroke: I actually don't own a eye shadow quite like this, it's a very pretty grey with a lilac undertone and a tiny bit of shimmer, this is quite light but it would be perfect for a night out all over the lid with a smokey crease.
Reveal: This is one of my favourite shades from the palette I love taupe shades. This is a gorgeous taupey gold shimmer eye shadow and is very pigmented.
Meow: This is a deep plum matte which has copper glitter pigments to it, it looks stunning when the light hits it and would be great for a night out.
Darkness: A intense deep matte black which is great to build that smokey eye.
Love: A cooper shimmery shade, this does have to be built up to give you a more intense colour.
Hidden: A deep dark brown matte, I love this in the crease for an everyday look.
2004: A warm toned champagne shimmer that looks stunning all over the lid.
Glory: A rich red toned bronze, this shade does look similar to love but glory is a lot deeper.
1970: A dark silver with a green undertone, this is immensely pigmented.
After Hours: A black with silver shimmer to it, the pigmentation of this is amazing.

Attention: This is a stunning shade but I was a little disappointed as it's not very pigmented and very faint on the eyes.

Seeking: A warm terracotta shade, again not overly pigmented but works well if you want a bit of colour in the day time.
Covered: A chocolate matte brown shade, I love that this colour works well with the whole palette and is great for my day to day neutral eye look and I love how easy it is to blend.

Missile: A bronze with pink/red undertones, this shade is really pretty and again is highly pigmented.

Wonderous: A pale cool toned champagne, this is one of my favourite shades I think its absolutely stunning, it's hard to see against my skin tone but you can still see that gorgeous shimmer to it.
I love this palette I don't own a palette quite like it. All the eyeshadows are very creamy and buttery soft and blend really well, some shades are more pigmented than other's but overall I'm really impressed. The combination of shades in this palette are really nice, they all work well together and you can create so many looks with this one palette.
The Makeup Revolution I♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette retails at £7.99 which is an amazing price for a 16 eyeshadow palette.
What's your favourite Makeup Revolution Palette? Will you be purchasing the I ♡ Makeup Naked Underneath Palette?
Emma x

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Anne Semonin Soothing Intensive Complex Duo

Sooth irritated skin with these Anne Semonin Soothing Intensive Complex Duo. This set contains two pots of 15ml, one is Essential oils and the other is Trace elements which are formulated with botanical castor oil and borage oil which helps reduce inflammation. Both of these oils combined together help protect capillary walls. I love the fact these products can be used alone or can be mixed with toners, masks, cleansers etc and this gives you your own customized treatment.

Soothing essential oils contain: Castor oil, Lemon peel oil, oregano leaf oil, Laurel oil and Centella asiatica extract.
Soothing trace elements contain: Chromium, Cobalt, Iodin, Brown seaweed, Rock samphire and Bilberry fruit/leaf extract.
Soothing Essential oils helps reduce irritation and relieves itchy skin this one can be used any time but is recommended to be really effective when used at night. This oil is suitable for those with sensitive skin and is great for calming allergic reactions and helps reduce red veins or dilated capillaries. I use this morning and night just to get the full effects from the product. In the morning I put a few drops in the palm of my hand and mix it in with my cleanser.
Trace elements are minerals required by the body for growth, health of the skin and body. I use this with the Essential oil morning and at night. I think this products are great as they are designed for people with sensitive skin so no matter what this shouldn't irritate your skin. I simply add 3-4 drops of this and rub all over my face and love using this alone at night.

I have been using the Anne Semonin Soothing Intensive Complex oils for around 3 weeks now and my skin feels a lot smoother. I have noticed that my skin feels less sensitive to certain products, as in the past there would be a few face products that would leave my skin feeling itchy and quite irritated. I love the fact these oils can be used alone or mixed with toners etc. The oils absorb very quickly into the skin and my skin isn't left feeling greasy at all therefore I like to use them in the morning as I don't have to worry about that greasy look or feel to the skin before applying my makeup. I love how refreshed my skin feels every morning.
You can purchase the Anne Semonin Soothing Intensive Complex Duo* here -> www.annesemonin.com
Have you tried the Anne Semonin Soothing Intensive Complex Oils? Let me know in the comments below!

Emma x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Urban Decay On The Run Palette

The Urban Decay Naked On the Run Palette is a limited edition all in one palette for you to use on the go. It includes six eye shadows, a bronzer, a blush, a lip gloss, an eyeliner and a travel sized mascara, so it definitely has all the makeup essentials you need on the go. This palette is great for travelling it includes some of my favourite Urban Decay products and it's so handy having them all inside one palette. This compact is quite bulky but I think it's reasonable for what actually fits inside and can I just say it's a lot easier than carrying around all the products separately. Another plus is it has a full sized mirror inside which just makes it so much easier to create looks on the go. I absolutely love the packaging of this palette I think its stunning the rose gold case is gorgeous and the bronzey greeny front with the logo suits it all so well.
So let's talk about what's inside.. The colours in this palette are:
  • Dive (a metallic rose with golden shimmer)
  • Fix (soft warm brown matte)
  • Resist (metallic taupe)
  • Dare (medium brown matte darker than fix)
  • Stun (metallic bronze with light gold micro-shimmer)
  • 5050 (cool toned beige with silver shimmer)
  • Bronzer (medium bronze matte)
  • Blush (vibrant pink with a light shimmer)
  • Travel size Perversion mascara
  • Travel size 24/7 eye pencil in Stag (deep brown satin)
  • Lip gloss in Sesso (rose with a pink shimmer)
All the colours in this palette are versatile, neutral and the eye shadows are extremely pigmented all work well together and you can create many looks with this one palette. The eye shadows are very creamy and don't crumble at all I can't stand crumbly eye shadows that flake onto your face so this is a massive plus for me. They blend like a dream and last all day.
My most used shades so far are 50/50 which I apply all over the lid and then I go for Stun and apply that in the crease, this is a stunning combo for the day or evening and of course you can build it up depending how dramatic you want to go that day. I love the bronzer in this palette it's very natural and light but that is perfect for me as I am quite pale right now, it gives me a lovely warm bronze tone to my skin. It is described as a matte bronzer but I found it had a slight satiny texture to it which I found to be more blendable which is great. I'm not much of a blush girl I usually just stick to bronzer I'm always afraid I will look like a clown if applied to much hehe but this blush is very pretty and it's the perfect pink, it's not too shimmery and it's not overly pigmented but I tend to prefer that with blushes as we all want it to look natural don't we. I have always been a fan of the Urban Decay Perversion mascara it gives me the length and volume I want without clumping on my eyelashes also I found this too last all day. I don't tend to wear eyeliner in the day but this is a stunning shade for a night out. Urban Decay Sesso lip gloss is a rose shade with pink shimmer it's perfect for the day time its very sheer and slick not sticky at all which is a massive plus for me as I hate when the wind blows and you are left with your hair sticking to your lips.
Here are some swatches from the palette, from left to right we have the eyeliner in Stag, lip gloss in Sesso, Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun, Bronzer, Blush and then 50/50.

I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay and own every single Naked palette going and this is another great addition added to my makeup collection. I absolutely love this palette and it has become an all time favourite of mine. This palette is designed for on the run hence the name but it is fairly large so just keep that in mind if you do carry small bags, me on the other hand I always have massive handbags so I can carry my whole life around so it's perfect for me.

I purchased the Urban Decay On The Run Palette from Feel Unique for £37 I think this is a reasonable price for what's included and it is a limited edition palette and will honestly last years.

Did you purchase the Urban Decay On The Run Palette? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Emma x
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