Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Flamingo Gifts

Flamingo Gifts is a wonderful online retailer of all things lovely, being a shopping addict of home ware items, candles, notebooks, bath products and anything cute and quirky really this website is great! I was lucky enough to choose some bits from the fabulous Flamingo Gifts and feature them on my blog. I spent about two hours browsing the site and making a wish list for another day hehe! I was honestly spoilt for choice as they have so many amazing items on their website I wanted everything. As a lover of notebooks and also bath bombs I chose this Happy Jackson Notebook and the Boho Belle gift pack and I honestly love the products I was sent.
The Boho Belle gift pack has the cutest packaging with a pretty bow, I have also kept them paper for future use. This set would make such a lovely Mother's Day gift or Birthday gift for a friend or family member, it's great that it's already gift wrapped in this pretty paper and it also explains what's inside the box on the little booklet attached.
So inside this bath set you will get:
1 Flutter By, Butterfly Bath Blaster 160g
1 Rosehipster Buttercup 30g
1 Garden Part Bath Mallow 30g
1 Sweet Sundae Soap 100g
1 Free Spirit Soap 100g
Can I just say these smell amazing I could actually smell them before I unwrapped the box so I instantly knew my bathroom would smell divine! Each bath product is well thought out and very cute! These would look so pretty in a little basket on your bathroom side. Bath bombs are great for a relaxing pamper night in, so I lit my favourite candle and popped the Butterfly bath bomb in the bath, this particular one did fizz and changed the water to a limey green colour and it smelt amazing! I'm excited to try the rest of the products in this set especially the Garden Party bath mallow which is shown below, it just looks too pretty to use hehe!
As a stationery lover and an owner of too many notebooks to even count of course I had to add another to my collection. I love 'Happy Jackson' notepads they are the perfect size to fit in your handbag and are great to make everyday lists on. This is a cute little pink hardback notebook with the quote 'Little book of AWESOME!' printed on the front. As a blogger and a daily to do list maker this size notebook is perfect for me for jotting down blog ideas and keeping track of items I still have to review.
Thank you so much to Flamingo Gifts for these amazing gifts! I will defientley be making some home ware purchases in the next week! You can check out their Instagram here -> twitter ->
Take a look at the amazing products they sell here -> there is such a wide variety so there will definitely be something for everyone!

Have you purchased any items from Flamingo Gifts?

Emma x


  1. Great post ! I absolutely love Happy Jackson stationery, they've got some amazing stuff!!

    Rachel |

  2. In love with that notebook!

  3. omg, that notebook is so so cute!

    1. They sell other ones aswell they're so nice! X

  4. That butterfly bath blaster is soooooo cute! Almost too cute to use...ALMOST ;)

  5. Oh, wow, the presentation of everything is amazing! Too bad I'm located outside of the UK, so international shipping is probably insane!

  6. this is such a cute post! i need a notebook in my life too

  7. Love finding little websites like this! They never fail to disappoint! Those bathbombs look lovely, wish i could smell them from where i am sat haha!

  8. All the bath bits are so beautiful, I wouldn't want to use them! Love notebooks like this, so cute!
    cottonandcandie xx


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