Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Monthly Favourites | April

Another month and another monthly favourites post! I can't believe it's May already I know everyone says it but seriously this year is going by so fast. The weather has been lovely for the past few weeks so Summer is truly on its way. Here I have my April favourites I hope you like it and let me know what you have been loving this month.
I love hair care especially products that will help me battle frizz. The Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Anti-Frizz Treatment is designed for medium to thick hair to smooth it while giving it an extra boost of moisture to prevent any future frizz. After using the Kevin Murphy Smooth Again treatment my hair is less frizzy, feels and looks healthier, I also love the fact it leaves my hair with a radiant shine finish after styling. I have actually done a blog post all about this so definitely go and check that out -> here
Mark Hill The Wonderball
Another hair product I have been loving is the Mark Hill Wonderball which is a 6 in 1 styling sphere. This brush is designed to detangle wet and dry hair, lifts hair at the roots giving you more volume, smooths and adds shine. It also has anti-static bristles which I love. I use this when blow drying my hair to give me that extra bit of volume I also love to twist and rotate the brush while blow drying my hair this creates pretty subtle waves. You can purchase the Mark Hill The Wonderball for £9.99 here -> www.markhill.co.uk
I have been loving this heated eyelash curler it is designed to create a dramatic uplift and a long lasting curl to your lashes. I usually stick to the basic eye lash curlers but I was very impressed with the YOSO Heated Lashes. My lashes look fuller and have a lovely curl to them after using this. I love the natural curl that the YOSO Heated Eyelash Curler gives without that harsh angle that you get with normal metal eyelash curlers. The YOSO Heated Eyelash Curler is priced at £15.99 and I honestly think it's worth every penny you can purchase this here -> www.yosobeauty.com Also go and check out my full review on the YOSO Lashes here.
I absolutely adore my new make-up bag from Ollie & Roo I love the pink and white zig zags with the gold detail. The Ollie & Roo make-up/wash bags are all handmade and would make such lovely gifts for friends and family. The quality of the material is lovely I can honestly see how much thought, time and care that has been put into making them. This sized bag is priced at £14 and is honestly worth every penny you can purchase a Ollie & Roo make up bag from Etsy here -> Etsy: Ollie and Roo Also be sure to check out their Twitter: @Ollie_and_Roo and Facebook: www.facebook.com/OllieandRoo 
Charlotte Harley Candles
I love discovering new candles and trying out new brands. This is a natural soy scented candle in the scent 'Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang' this scent is strong which is good my whole room is left smelling divine. I love the packaging of this candle it's super chic and elegant and I love the white little glass jar. You can purchase Charlotte Harley Candles from Etsy here for £15 -> Etsy: CHCandles Also be sure to check out and like their facebook page: www.facebook.com/charlotteharleycandles 
CHANEL LE VERNIS Nail Varnish in the shade 'APRIL'
I love Chanel nail varnishes and own quite a few from this range. I picked up the shade 'APRIL' which is a berry red cream that's opaque in two coats. It's the perfect shade for Spring and it lasts on my nails for a good three to four days which is great. The formula is really nice and applies easily to the nail leaving an even coverage. I purchased the CHANEL LE VERNIS Nail Varnish 'April' from Boots for £18 which is a bit pricey but it will honestly last such a long time and I think I've found my go to Spring nail varnish yay.
Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail
This is the Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12* it is designed to reboot tired skin leaving it looking refreshed and more even-toned. The Complexion Cocktail has a formula of hyaluronic acid which provides an infusion of moisture so skin appears plumped-up with a healthy complexion. Since using the Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail I have noticed the difference in the texture of my skin it felt like all those dead skin cells had been buffed away and it left my skin feeling smooth and fresh. I use this morning and night and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something to give your skin a boost on a daily basis. You can purchase the Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail for £24 here -> www.timebombco.com/complexioncocktail
Soap & Glory Heel Genius
Spring is here and summer is truly on it's way so the sandals will be coming out very soon. I know foot creams aren't exactly the most talked about product within the beauty community but after all this is a monthly favourites post and I have been using this every morning and every night. As much as I hate feet already cracked heels in the summer is not something any one wants so here is the answer to smooth heels. The Soap & Glory Heel Genius is an absolute dream it keeps my feet super soft and moisturised and prevents dry skin. You can purchase the Soap & Glory Heel Genius from Boots for £5.50.

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below!

Emma x 


Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Spring Picnic

Spring is here and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous for the past few weeks. It has definitely been picnic weather. I recently got a new picnic basket so me and the girls thought it would be nice to go for a picnic in the park to catch up and enjoy the lovely sunshine.
I purchased this lovely picnic basket from the Picnic shop for £60 which was on offer at the time. I have always wanted a picnic basket so I thought this was a great opportunity to finally get one. I think picnic baskets are so cute and they really make a picnic feel like a true old fashioned picnic and not to mention they make super cute Instagram pictures. The basket came with plates, glasses, cutlery, a bottle opener, fabric napkins and cute little salt and pepper pots. I am obsessed with it! Check out the Picnicshops website here -> www.picnicshop.co.uk and also follow them on Twitter: @PicnicShop
We packed a few sandwiches, some angel cakes and a mix of fruit to go along with these amazing Freixenet wines. The Freixenet Mia range is perfect for a picnic or a girly night in. Here we have the Freixenet Mia Pink Moscato Delicate & Sweet which is a lovely fruity sweet wine and the Freixenet Fresh & Crisp Sparkler which has a citrusy aroma taste that is balanced out with a hint of sweetness. I love Freixent wines I think they are great for girly nights in, picnics, BBQ's and they are amazing value for money at £10 each. The Freixenet Mia range have a range of six different wines to choose from the Mia Red, Mia White, Mia Rose, Mia Fresh and Crisp, Mia Moscato and the Mia Pink Moscato. These wines are a great range and depending on your taste or the occasion there truly is something there for everyone. Check out the Freixenet website here -> www.freixenet.co.uk and follow them on Twitter: @Freixenet
I always bring my polaroid camera along on days out with the girls, they really are a great way to capture memories that are also printed. I love making scrapbooks so having a polaroid camera makes printing photo's easy. This is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera and I love it.

Summer is truly on it's way and I can't wait for many more picnics in the park in the lovely sunshine.

Emma x

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

DHC Face Wash Powder

DHC is a Japanese beauty brand. Here we have the DHC Face Wash Powder* The powder is activated with water to create a creamy foam to deep cleanse and exfoliate your face without stripping the skins natural PH, the formula helps dissolve amino acid bonds and helps clear dead skin cells while at the same time moisturises and softens your skin. The packaging is a blue flip top plastic bottle, it's very simple yet chic design and it is perfect for travelling. The DHC Face Wash Powder is suitable for all skin types. It is very simple to use all you need is a tiny amount of powder which you mix with warm water in the palm of your hand to create a creamy foam, then simply massage it over your face and then rinse with warm water and pat your face dry.
I sometimes experience redness in certain areas of my face and my skin has been quite irritated this week, I found after using this the redness had decreased and my face felt super soft. I was absolutely amazed as it has really helped to calm my skin. The DHC Face Wash Powder is very lightweight and does not leave my skin feeling greasy at all and unlike some other face washes it doesn't leave a residue, it all just feels very natural which I really like. I also use this with my Magnitone and a little honestly goes such a long way it will last a very long time. I don't own a product quite like this so I have really been enjoying using it, I'm excited to try more products from the DHC range.
You can purchase the DHC Face Wash Powder here -> www.dhcuk.co.uk for £9.50
Have you tried the DHC Face Wash Powder?
Emma x

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Anti-Frizz Treatment

Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Anti-Frizz Treatment Style Control/Smoothing Lotion* is another hit for me. I love hair care and any products that will help me battle frizz is a must have for me. The Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Anti-Frizz treatment is designed for medium to thick hair to smooth hair giving it an extra boost of moisture and to prevent any future frizz. The formula quenches thirsty and damaged hair while locking in hydration all day long. The Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Anti-Frizz treatment has vitamins and mineral rich Australian fruit extracts which help nourish and hydrate dry hair while the lotus flower extract regenerates and helps repair strands. Other ingredients include immortelle essential oil, baobab seed oil and orchid extracts which help slow down the signs of aging in the hair. The styling agents help keep your hair smooth and resistant to humidity but also contains heat protectants to protect your hair when blow drying or styling. 
I use the Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Anti-Frizz treatment on towel dried hair, I simply pump the product into the palm of my hand and then work it into my hair from the roots to the ends I will then brush it through just to insure my whole hair has been covered. After the first use I instantly noticed a difference in my hair, it was less frizzy not as many hairs where standing on end which is great after one use. My hair felt and looked healthier. I also love the fact it leaves my hair with a radiant shine finish after styling.
I have been using and trying out a few products from the Kevin Murphy range and I'm really impressed, I will definitely be reviewing some more products in the future. You can purchase Kevin Murphy products here -> www.kevinmurphystore.com  
Check out and follow Kevin Murphy on Twitter: @KevinMurphyIntl and Instagram: @LOVE_KEVIN_MURPHY
Have you tried any products from the Kevin Murphy range?
Emma x

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

YOSO Lashes - Heated Eyelash Curler

I love eyelash curlers so I was super excited to try out the YOSO Heated Eyelash Curler*  I've never tried something like this before so I was very intrigued to try something different as I always stick to the basic eyelash curlers. The YOSO Heated Eyelash Curler is designed to create a dramatic uplift and a long lasting curl to your lashes. The YOSO Heated Eyelash Curler is priced at £15.99 and I honestly think it's worth every penny. I love the gold wand it's very lightweight and super easy and simple to use. The wand takes around a minute to heat up and there's actually a little purple indicator spot which will change colour once it's heated up, obviously they aren't super hot as they are going near your eyes so you can also touch the wand to know when it's ready to use.
I like to brush through my lashes a few times then I will gently press the heated part close to the root of my lashes, I hold it there for around 3 seconds at a time. I instantly noticed the difference from eye to eye and I was very impressed. My lashes looked fuller and had a lovely curl to them. I personally think it takes the same amount of time using this to using a normal eyelash curler. The size and the lightweight wand is perfect to take on the go and fits perfectly into my make up bag. I love the natural curl that the YOSO Heated Eyelash Curler gives without that harsh angle that you get with normal metal eyelash curlers, I have also found the curl to last a lot longer which I was very impressed by, so that definitely sets aside my basic eyelash curlers. I absolutely love the YOSO Heated Eyelash Curlers.

You can purchase the YOSO Heated Eyelash Curler here-> www.yosobeauty.com
Have you ever tried a heated eyelash curler? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Emma x

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette

Makeup Revolution always amaze me with their eye shadow Palettes I now own four and I absolutely love each one of them. This is the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette it contains 16 shadows 8 matte shades and 8 shimmer shades, I think everyone knows I have a neutral eye palette obsession. I honestly think each shade in this palette is stunning, the pigmentation of the eye shadows are amazing they are soft, blend easily and all work so well together. The Iconic Pro 1 Palette can be used to create many looks and in my opinion it's my favourite palette they have create yet. The actual palette is matte black and inside is a massive mirror and also a double ended brush instead of those little sponge applicators that are in most eye shadow palettes, so it's got everything you need if you wanted to take this on the go with you.
The Iconic Pro 1 Palette now contains a new super elite formula which is designed to give even greater pigmentation and the new butter like formula should also be easier to blend in. I can definitely notice the difference in blending they blend super easy and there is virtually no fall out. The shades in this palette are spot on with the traditional neutral shades and the gorgeous shimmer taupe and purple shades. The Iconic Pro 1 Palette has great shades that can be worn day or night you can create a basic eye for the day and you can convert it to a more shimmer dark smoky eye for the night.
Top Row (Mattes) Left to Right:

Ghost | Luna | Must | Enigma | Fade | Drama | Afflicted | Pitch
Bottom Row (Shimmers) Left to Right:

Need | Dawn | Getter | Breathe | Too Grey | Stage | Addicted | Player

I think the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette has the perfect mix of matte's and shimmers and I love how you can mix and match and all the shades work really well together. As always I'm so impressed with the products Makeup Revolution have to offer and they are insanely good value for money. My favourite and most used shades in this palette are Luna, Enigma, Afflicted, Breathe and Too Grey, I love a defined crease and it's super easy to achieve using this palette and also the double ended brush that comes with this palette works wonders it blends in the shadows really well.
You can purchase the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette here -> for £6.99 which is an amazing price for the quality you. I love my Iconic Pro 1 Palette.

Do you own any Makeup Revolution Eye Shadow Palette's?
Emma x

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Cloud Nine Waving Wand

The Cloud Nine Waving Wand* is designed to give professional stylish waves. The Waving Wand definitely gives me the simple subtle waves I love it's the perfect size for my long hair and gives me a desired look I always want but can never achieve using a curler. The Cloud Nine Waving Wand comes in a very sleek stylish box, inside the box is the waving wand, a heatproof safety mat and also a heat protective glove to ensure you don't sizzle off your fingers, it also comes with a 2-pin plug adaptor which is great if you are going abroad. The Waving Wand has 3 temperature settings (low, medium and high 130c - 180c) so you can choose how defined you want your waves to be. It also has a auto setting which calculates your surrounding conditions to calculate its temperature accordingly.
I found the Waving Wand quite easy to use I simply section my hair and clip it back, I like to work with small sections so I get more volume, I work from left to right and once I've finished with one section I then go onto the next until my whole hair is waved. To finish off I sometimes run my fingers through my hair just to separate the waves I will then spray in hairspray just to insure the waves stay in place. I would advise you to curl away from your face as it gives a softer look. I love that I can create different results by increasing the heat setting and holding that section of hair for longer on a low heat. I love the shine the Waving Wand gives my hair. This is the perfect size for medium to long hair and gives such a lovely natural look, if you are one of those people who doesn't like spending too much time on their hair I would definitely recommend the Cloud Nine Waving Wand it gives you the perfect natural waves. 
You can purchase the Cloud Nine Waving Wand here -> www.cloudninehair.com for £99.95 You can also follow Cloud Nine on Twitter - @CloudNineC9 and Facebook - www.facebook.com/cloudninehair
Have you tried any of the Cloud Nine Hair Tools?
Emma x
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