Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Spring Picnic

Spring is here and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous for the past few weeks. It has definitely been picnic weather. I recently got a new picnic basket so me and the girls thought it would be nice to go for a picnic in the park to catch up and enjoy the lovely sunshine.
I purchased this lovely picnic basket from the Picnic shop for £60 which was on offer at the time. I have always wanted a picnic basket so I thought this was a great opportunity to finally get one. I think picnic baskets are so cute and they really make a picnic feel like a true old fashioned picnic and not to mention they make super cute Instagram pictures. The basket came with plates, glasses, cutlery, a bottle opener, fabric napkins and cute little salt and pepper pots. I am obsessed with it! Check out the Picnicshops website here -> and also follow them on Twitter: @PicnicShop
We packed a few sandwiches, some angel cakes and a mix of fruit to go along with these amazing Freixenet wines. The Freixenet Mia range is perfect for a picnic or a girly night in. Here we have the Freixenet Mia Pink Moscato Delicate & Sweet which is a lovely fruity sweet wine and the Freixenet Fresh & Crisp Sparkler which has a citrusy aroma taste that is balanced out with a hint of sweetness. I love Freixent wines I think they are great for girly nights in, picnics, BBQ's and they are amazing value for money at £10 each. The Freixenet Mia range have a range of six different wines to choose from the Mia Red, Mia White, Mia Rose, Mia Fresh and Crisp, Mia Moscato and the Mia Pink Moscato. These wines are a great range and depending on your taste or the occasion there truly is something there for everyone. Check out the Freixenet website here -> and follow them on Twitter: @Freixenet
I always bring my polaroid camera along on days out with the girls, they really are a great way to capture memories that are also printed. I love making scrapbooks so having a polaroid camera makes printing photo's easy. This is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera and I love it.

Summer is truly on it's way and I can't wait for many more picnics in the park in the lovely sunshine.

Emma x


  1. What a wonderful idea! When our children were little we had each Friday a picnic :)
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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    1. It's a great way to spend time with friends and family catching up! Great blog Hun x

  2. Picnics are such a lovely idea, all your photos are so pretty!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  3. Oh this looks so good! :)

  4. This is such a cute picnic! #PicnicGoals! x

  5. Cool post can't wait for some great weather. Fingers crossed.


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