Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Night Pamper

There's nothing better than a good old pamper on a Sunday night to indulge in products, relax and have some alone time.
I thought I'd show you some of the products I would use on a pamper night.
The first thing I do is run a bath, I will then light my current favourite candle this time round I used one from Love Candles which is a pure soy wax candle this one is in the scent lime, basil & mandarin it smells divine and the whole room smells very fresh. I love the gold tin packaging it's so chic. Be sure to check out Love Candles website they have such a wide range of candles and I can't wait to try more scents from Follow Love Candles on
 Twitter: @LoveCandlesng and Facebook: 
I will then pop a bath bomb in the bath along with some bubbles who doesn't love a bath full of bubbles. I have recently been using the Oskia Renaissance Mask I absolutely love Oskia skincare and I have fallen in love with many products from the range. This face mask is very refreshing and cooling on the skin. I love products that work instantly and this mask definitely does as soon as I remove the mask my skin feels soft and looks a lot brighter I love the results. I will be reviewing the Oskia Renaissance Mask in a separate blog post so keep and eye out for that.
I have recently been using the Parissa Warm Waxing Kit which is a microwavable warm wax which can be used on your legs, body and face. It is designed to strip away coarse and stubborn hair for a smooth result which will last up to 8 weeks. This is by far the best home waxing kit I have tried. It's super easy to use, you simply microwave the wax then apply a thin layer to where you want it, rub the strip on to that area and then simply pull it off and voila. The kit also includes a vial of Azulene Oil which soothes and softens the skin and prevents ingrown hairs, the oil definitely leaves my skin feeling super soft and moist to touch. For speed, efficiency and easy use I would highly recommend this waxing kit. What I love about Parissa warm wax is that it is made with natural ingredients.
You can purchase the Parissa warm wax kit from Boots.
I also use this time to give my hair a bit of tlc, I really love a luxury shampoo and conditioner. These are the Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner they are honestly the most luxurious shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. Both contain caviar and other incredible ingredients to pamper and nourish dry hair. These are perfect for a pamper night in. I have actually reviewed these so definitely go and check that out -> here
Once I'm out of the bath I like to use the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel just to insure my face is completely cleansed before applying moisturiser. I have reviewed the Oskia cleansing gel in a separate blog post which you can read here. I am currently using a moisturiser from Time Bomb this is the Powerball Intensive Moisturiser I absolutely love it my skin is left feeling hydrated, I can really tell that it locks in the moisture and leaves my face feeling super soft and smooth to touch. I will then use my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream this is my favourite product ever when I say ever I mean EVER, this stuff is just amazing I use this on my elbows, hands, to sooth down my eyebrows absolutely anything. Be sure to check out my full review on this here.
Once my face has been pampered I will then file and paint my nails. I am obsessed with the Chanel Le Vernis nail varnish in the shade April, I included this in my April favourites blog post so be sure to check that out here -> Monthly favourites

Pampering yourself is really important, I always feel refreshed and relaxed after a pamper night and it's a great way just to switch off from social media and just have a peaceful night to yourself. I tend to put on a film or read a book in bed with a hot chocolate this is a perfect end to the perfect evening.

What are your favourite products to use on a pamper night?

Emma x


  1. Loved this Emma!

  2. The Oskia Mask sounds amazing!

    X Marjolein

  3. I love to use different masks depending on my skin condition. I really like taking my time on Sunday evening. For waxing I love sugar paste it's best thing I have tried and as a hairy girl I have tried so many things. The best thing about sugar paste is that it doesn't irritate your skin or cause broken capillaries as traditional wax can do. We this thing you can completely forget about ingrown hair. :)

    1. I've also used them and they're really good x

  4. Sunday night pamper sessions are the best! We love using Space Girl and Sexbomb from Lush because they just smell so good :-D

    Abby & Kayleigh |

  5. Such an awesome post!! Love the products you mentioned and will definitely be checking out some of them xoxox

  6. I adore the packaging on the time bomb! Great post, these are products that I've not heard much of before but I'll be sure to check them out.


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