Saturday, 26 March 2016

Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum

A few month's ago I discovered the amazing Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum which is a luxurious multi-correctional infusion of 22 of the world’s most active organic and wildcrafted botanicals, it's a highly active serum which is free from all harmful toxins, which basically means it's a super luxurious serum. April Gargiulo spent two years formulating this unique Active Botanical Serum before it was perfected, so you can see the thought and time that has been put into making such a unique beneficial serumVintner's Daughters products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, SLSs or other toxins. All ingredients in this serum help to fight signs of aging, stimulate cellular turnover, maintain skin elasticity, strengthen capillaries, inhibit melanin production, deliver oxygen to cells and protect against free-radical damage. Many of the ingredients in this serum act like a key which lock when combined such as cypress and frankincense which are both amazing ingredients on their own but when they work together they enhance circulations which helps bring oxygen to the skin, which means healthy glowing looking skin. The Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum is suitable for all skin types which is great as I have sensitive skin so this was the perfect product for me. I started off using this in my evening skincare routine every single night and I fell in love from there. I simply put around one to three drops in the palm of my hand and massage it into my skin, I use this before applying moisturiser.
Every drop of the Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum is filled essential oils to help nourish the skin's beauty. The Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum has a lovely formulation and I instantly see the results after using it. The formula is lovely and feels super soft on the skin and it absorbs beautifully, it leaves my skin feeling pampered and plumped full of goodness. I use this serum in my evening skincare routine and when I wake up the next morning my skin feels incredible, it looks a lot healthier and has a lovely natural glow to it. I have been using this for around 2 months now and I am loving the results, my skin has become more healthy and I notice the difference instantly after use, my skin looks a lot more radiant and is super soft to touch. I'm a lover of serums that are loaded with nutrients and this truly is the perfect serum for my skin. As I mentioned I do have sensitive skin but this didn't break me out one bit in fact I noticed a huge difference in the hyperpigmentation on my face a long with the overall look and feel of my skin. This serum has a lovely floral meets herbal natural scent but I actually quite like it. I highly recommend trying out the Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum. You can purchase the Vintners Daughter Active Botanical Serum from 

What are your thoughts on the Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum?

Emma x

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Ormonde Jayne Candle

I'm absolutely obsessed with scented candles and I love discovering new luxury candle brands. Here we have a lovely luxurious scented candle from the Ormonde Jayne range, Ormonde Jayne was created by Linda Pikington, who started her career producing luxurious scented candles and later created a collection of perfumes which I am now longing to try. The candle is beautifully displayed in a gorgeous red box which feels very special, the actual candle is in a luxurious glass jar with the gold Ormonde Jayne writing. I absolutely love how classy and elegant this candle looks, it's very simple but chic and it makes a great decor piece in my room. I have the scent Casablanca Lily which is a floral scent and it smells divine, it's the perfect Spring/Summer scent. I love that the Ormonde Jayne scented candles are rich, slow burning candles and contain a high percentage of perfume oils which means it leaves my whole house smelling divine even after a relatively short burn, which I was very impressed with.
Lighting candles is my evening ritual which means it's time to relax, I love having pamper nights in and they're my all time favourite thing do to. I have been burning the Ormonde Jayne candle and running a bath while giving my skin some tlc using my current favourite face mask. The Ormonde Jayne candle leaves my bathroom smelling amazing, I feel super relaxed when burning this candle, it's a very fresh floral scent and looks super chic. I'm super impressed with the Ormonde Jayne candle range, they have a long burning time, burn evenly and have a very sophisticated scents available. So not only do they smell amazingly divine, the glass jar will make a super cute little makeup brush pot once it's finished. Burning candles is an everyday ritual for me and I love to have luxury candles for special occasions or pamper nights in as a little treat. Ormonde Jayne candles would make such lovely luxury gift for anyone who loves sophisticated scents. If you're thinking of treating yourself or a loved one to a Ormonde Jayne candle you can shop the full range at
Do you own a candle from the Ormonde Jayne range?
Emma x

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

LOC Makeup By Birchbox

Birchbox have launched their first in-house makeup brand and it's amazing. I was super excited when I heard that Birchbox were launching their very own beauty range and since receiving the product I am so impressed with the quality and thought put into their own line. LOC (Love of Color) is designed to provide a shortcut to trends with bold, highly pigmented makeup products inspired by the most of-the-moment colours. The LOC range consists of 3 Vibrant Matte Lipsticks (£6.50 each) and two One & Done Eyeshadow Sticks (£8.00 each) The sticks are low maintenance yet high impact, they're desgined in a compact size to last for the season, all of the products are cruelty-free and paraben-free. You can purchase the LOC range at
Vibrant Matte Lipstick (£6.50 Each)
Three lovely matte lipsticks that are all bold matte colours that stay soft and flexible. Available in three shades which are Uncorked (berry plum) Trouble (Cool Red) and Skinny Dip (Pinky Beige) I absolutely love the formulation of the matte lipsticks they're creamy and comfortable on the lips as well as delivering a long lasting finish. I really like that they're compact, pocket sized so they're great for travelling and easy to pop into your handbag on the go for a quick touch up.
One & Done Eyeshadow Stick (£8.00 Each)
 Two lovely Eyeshadow sticks that are creaseless, waterproof that last up to 11 hours. Avaliable in two shades which are Perfect Cents (Warm Copper) and Champagne Problems (Silvery Taupe) I was super excited to see these two shades in the collection they're totally my kind of colours and I love that they're crayon eyeshadows. The formula of both shadow sticks are silky and creamy which allows the crayon to slide onto the eye lid without dragging. They're also crease free which is perfect for me, they're super easy to apply and blend like a dream.

The LOC Makeup range is available to purchase individually or as a whole set at £25. You can purchase the LOC range from

What are your thoughts on the LOC makeup range by Birchbox?

Emma x

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Eve Lom Intense Firming Serum

Eve Lom have an amazing skincare range and I absolutely love the Eve Lom Cleanser so I was super excited to try out the Eve Lom Intense Firming Serum which is an intense serum to diminish the signs of ageing while firming and rejuvenating the skin. The Eve Lom Intense Firming Serum is very lightweight and contains MPC concentrate from milk which is packed with age defying Cytokins which stimulate skin renewal and leaves the skin feeling softer, firmer and more supple, it is also suitable for all skin types which is always a plus. The Eve Lom Intense Firming serum is a simple but highly effective formulation to smooth and firm the skin, it is designed to firm the skin, stimulate cell renewal, visibly improve the skin with signs of ageing while boosting the radiance of the skin.

The Eve Lom Intense Firming Serum has a pipette applicator which I really love, it also has a very interesting texture, it's a gel rather than a fluid. I simply use 2-3 drops morning and night onto cleansed dry skin and then follow on with a moisturiser. I have been using the Eve Lom Intense Firming Serum for around a month now and I'm very impressed with it, I absolutely love the texture and I can actually feel the product drying and tightening my skin which feels lovely. I notice the instant difference in the look of my skin once I've used the Eve Lom Intense Firming Serum, it leaves my skin looking smoother and more radiant. My skin feels super soft to touch and I can definitely notice the difference in the firmness of my skin. I can't say enough good things about this serum, it has a lovely consistency and I absolutely love that it sinks into my skin incredible quick and doesn't leave a sticky or greasy residue. I highly recommend trying this out if you're looking for a luxury effective serum. You can shop the full range of Eve Lom products at

Have you tried the Eve Lom Intense Firming Serum?

Emma x

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