Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser

Antipodes are a certified organic premium natural skincare brand and I own many product form the range. I have recently been using the Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser which is designed to clear impurities and remove makeup gracefully, it's a dermatologically approved organic cleanser that suitable for even those with the most sensitive type. The Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser has a soothing formulation which features anti-inflammatory Vinanza Oxifend super-antioxidant, which is naturally extracted from pinot noir grapes from award-winning Marlborough vineyards. It also contains Nutrient-rich avocado oil and marigold flower which gently yet effectively cleanse, freshen and soften your visage. I absolutely love that this cleanser is fragrance free and of course organic.

The Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser has a thick creamy smooth texture and smells sweet and divine. It is super nourishing and has a creamy soft texture. It applies really lovely onto the skin and is easily removed while taking every piece of makeup with it. I use the Antipodes Grace Cleanser morning and night, I love to remove my makeup in the evening with this cleanser as well as in the morning to give my face an extra cleanse before starting the day. A little of this cleanser truly goes a long way so it will last quite a while, it's super creamy and silky smooth on the skin and works amazingly at removing all traces of makeup. I simply smoother it all over my face in circular motions with clean fingertips, I apply this to my face and neck and rinse off with a warm water and a muslin cloth. The Antipodes Grace Cleanser delivers amazing results after just one please which I love. My skin feels ultra soft, supple, soft and nourished after use. If you're a fan of Antipodes and are yet to try the Grace Cleanser then I highly recommend doing so, I love it! You can shop the Antipodes range at www.feelunique.com

Have you tried any products form the Antipodes range? 

Emma x

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Time Bomb Supersize QVC Offer

Time Bomb is a radically simple new approach to skin care, their collection of products are designed to help women of all ages 'stop the clock'. I have been using Time Bomb for years and absolutely love their skincare range. If you love the Time Bomb skincare or if you've been longing to try some of their products then keep your eyes pealed for this amazing deal coming to QVC on the 16th August. QVC are offering an incredible deal on four Time Bomb products all for the price of £46 which is such amazing value! The QVC Time Bomb Supersize offer will include:
  • Supersize Over Exposed Sun Damage Rescue 70ml - Time Bomb's Over Exposed Sun Damage Rescue visibly addresses the impact of UV exposure, it helps to renew the look and feel of dry, tight, leathery skin, restore skin’s natural radiance and resilience and visibly improves sign of long-term photo damage.
  • Supersize Troubleshooter Neck, Jaw and Chest Cream 100ml - Time Bomb's Troubleshooter Neck, Jaw and Chest Cream addresses serious telltale signs of ageing: jowls, “turkey neck”, crepe-y skin, it targets fatty pockets, firms and smoothes for tighter, lifted look. It is also designed to lighten and brighten the skin swell as diminish the appearance of age spots.
  • Complexion Cocktail with a shot of H2omega 100ml -  Time Bomb's Complexion Cocktail with a shot of H2omega is a highly concentrated, proprietary Hyaluronic Acid Complex, which acts as a moisture “magnet” attracts and retains optimal moisture. It is designed to counter the effects of temporary, serious dehydration as well as restore smooth, supple texture to the skin.
  • Powerball Intensive Moisturiser - Time Bomb's Powerball Intensive Moisturiser is the first intensive formula designed to flood skin with a powerhouse blend of 21 natural hydrating agents that act on every level to refill and retain essential water. It defeats acute and chronic skin dehydration, super surge loads and locks parched skin with critical water as well as restoring soft, smooth, moist texture to dry skin.

As mentioned you will receive all four of these products for the value of £46 I know I will defientely be stocking up on a few of these for myself and also for my friends and family. Be sure to let me know if you happen to purchase this amazing deal from QVC which is available from the 16th August.

 Have you tried any products from the Time Bomb range?
Emma x

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

SESHA Skin Therapy Clinical Advanced Eye Restore

Sesha Skin Therapy have an amazing range of products and I have recently been testing out the Sesha Skin Therapy Clinical Advanced Eye Restore. So what makes Sesha Skin Therapy different from other brands is their proprietary delivery system - P.E.T.® (Permeation Enhancement Technology) this system solubilizes active ingredients and temporarily modifies the permeability in the skin. When large molecule active ingredients are combined with P.E.T.® they're able to pass through the outer skin cell barrier and reach the deeper layers where new cells grow. The Sesha Skin Therapy range combines a balanced and comprehensive network of antioxidants and nutritive ingredients to slow down and reverse the signs of ageing. The Clinical range is Sesha's most advanced corrective anti-ageing range, the Clinical line is a revolutionary system that addresses four key steps for healthier skin structure by preventing free radical damage, reducing glycation, stimulating collagen growth/inhibit the loss of elasticity and preparing/protecting skin from UV damage. The Clinical line is a high performance skincare system which helps reduce the deepest lines and wrinkles as well as restoring skin's youthful appearance. 
The Sesha Skin Therapy Clinical Advanced Eye Restore is a highly advanced eye rejuvenator which contains a system of four revolutionary components, Argireline, Haloxyl, Pentacare, and MDI Complex. This super-charged combination minimises the appearance of lines around the eyes. Argireline, a hexapeptide that relaxes the facial muscles while reducing the look of wrinkles, Pentacare which helps tighten the outer layer of skin for a quick lift while Haloxyl decreases dark circles under the eyes. I mean this sound like the dreamiest eye cream ever and I can say I have been loving the results since using it. I tend to use this morning and night as I feel that benefits me the most, I simply apply a small pea sized amount around my eye contour. I love the texture of the Sesha Eye Restore, it's silky smooth and also smells divine. The product sinks into my skin instantly leaving me with smooth under eyes. I have seen visible results in my eye area since using the Sesha Eye Restore, it helps reduce puffiness first thing in the morning which is great. It's truly one of the most perfect eye product's out there, it works great at firming the skin and reducing darkness around the eye area. I feel and notice a huge difference straight after use, my skin looks more hydrated and fine lines appear less visible. I highly recommend checking out the SESHA Skin Therapy range if you're looking for luxury high quality effective products. You can shop the full SESHA Skin Therapy range at www.sesha-uk.com 

Have you tried any products from the SESHA range?

Emma x

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Inlight Line Softener Intensive Formula

The Inlight Organic Line Softener is a multi award winning anti ageing elixir which contains a blend of twenty dynamic flower and plant extracts which all work together to perfectly plump, hydrate dry mature sun damaged skin leaving you with amazing results. Inlight have an amazing skincare range and I have recently been trying out the Inlight Line Softener Intensive Formula , a luxury moisturiser which is designed to reduce damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles along with helping improve sun damaged skin. The Inlight Line Softener Intensive Formula has been formulated to deeply nourish the skin, it includes ingredients such as Shea butter and macadamia oil which offer invaluable antioxidants in the form of Vitamin A & E. Jojoba oil promotes elasticity and olive oil is added in for a soothing effect. It also contains collagen and cell renewal properties which help at healing the skin as well as reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles through natural and organic ingrentients. Inlight Line Softener Intensive Formula protects your skin against the signs of ageing, it is designed to treat scar tissues and dark patches. The Inlight Line Softener Intensive Formula is suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive or acne prone skin which is always a plus.
If you suffer with signs of ageing or you are just looking for a luxurious good effective product to nourish and protect your skin then I highly recommend checking out this little gem. I tend to use this in my night time skin care routine, I simply use the wooden spatula provided and apply to any fine lines especially around my eye area. I massage the product into my skin with my finger tips in circular motions until the product has fully absorbed. This super concentrated formula means a little honestly goes a long way, so it will truly last a long while. The texture is balm like with a thick greasy feel to it. I love that all the products contained are organic and is suitable for any age. The Inlight Line Softener Intensive Formula is on the pricer side of £79 for 30ml but as I mentioned a little goes a long way and the results are great so for a skincare product that gives visible results I'm more than happy to invest in this little gem. I love the feel and look of my skin once I have applied the Inlight Line Softener, my skin feels nourished and super moisturised. My skin also looks more radiant and supple, it feels extremely soft on the skin but as I mentioned it does have that greasy balm like texture to it so this is why I personally prefer to apply it at night before bed. I have noticed a significant difference around my eye area since using the Inlight Line Softener Intensive Formula. You can purchase the Inlight Line Softener Intensive Formula from www.naturisimo.com 

What are you're thoughts on the Inlight Line Softener Intensive Formula? Have you tried any products from the Inlight range?

Emma x

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