Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Shoptagr can be used on your computer or phone simply download the app and your good to go! Shoptagr is the new way to window shop, it allows you to browse your favourite online stores and save your desired items all in my place, save it now shop it later! I'm always browsing websites and print screening products I want to buy but am not quite ready to purchase them at the time, now that I've discovered Shoptagr I can keep all of my favourite items in one place. When browsing stores on the Shoptagr app all you have to simply do is save the item to your very own Shoptagr shopping wish list, it couldn't be easier! On a desktop simply browse your favourite online stores like you usually would and when you see an item you love simply click the Shoptagr icon from your bookmarks bar and it will save it to your 'My Items' section. Shoptagr is simple and easy to use the items you save to your own list are arranged in a clean, pinterest style page which allows you to organise products into collection, which I absolutely love doing.

Accessing everything in one place makes Shoptagr super easy and fun to use. Once you've saved products from multiples stores to your wish list, you will be able to easily access them in one place across devices. No more shopping lists or print screens of items on your phone, I absolutely love this app! Shoptagr also allow you to create separate lists so you can create different section for any occasion such as your Birthday wishes, nights out, winter wardrobe. It's super simply and very fun to use, I love making lists of things I want and even birthday ideas for my friends and family. Shoptagr send you smart notifications which means you'll actoumattically get notified when one of your items goes on sale, comes back in stock, right down to your preferred size and colour.
Here are a few of my current favourite wants which I have saved to my own wish list on the Shoptagr app. There are hundreds of stores from Topshop, ASOS, Amazon, Anthropologie, Debenhams, H&M, John Lewis the list goes on and on. So whether you have had your eye on those designer shoes, makeup products, a lovely new sofa simple save all your products from your phone or computer and buy them when you're ready. Shoptagr also have this amazing tool that allows you to share your list's so if it's your Birthday coming up or with Christmas on the way you can easily create and share your wish lists with your other half, friends and family.

Shoptagr is my new favourite shopping tool, I love being able to save all of my favourite items in one place. It's great to get notified when your items are running low/come back in stock and even better when they go on sale. Sign up to Shoptagr and share with your friends to earn rewards, simply share your items with friends on   Facebook and Pinterest to earn gift cards to some of your favourite stores. Shoptagr takes seconds to install, it saves you money and time and it's super fun and easy to use. Be sure to check out Shoptagr by clicking on this link here www.shoptagr.com

Will you be downloading Shoptagr

Emma x


  1. sounds like a great shopping tool! Thanks for sharing

  2. I'm forever print screening photos on my phone to keep as a reminder!! this is just what I need xx


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