Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift With Penhaligon's

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I have the perfect gift for my mum this Mother's Day. Penhaligon's have a luxury range of perfumes in the most stunning packaging ever. I recently discovered Penhaligon's Instagram page which you can follow over at @penhaligons_london Penhaligon's believe in the emotive power of scent. Scents can unlock memories and open doors, it can stop us in our tracks, lost somewhere for a moment in time. Penhaligon's use the finest range of ingredients from hand squeezed bergamot to jasmine at twice the price of gold. There is a wide range of fragrances in the Penhaligon's family so there is truly something to suit everyones taste. 

Here we have the Penhaligon's Empressa Eau de Toilette which is displayed in the most beautiful packaging I have seen, truly elegant and sophisticated and will make the perfect gift for a loved one. Empressa has head notes of blood orange, bergamot and mandarin. Heart notes of peach, cassis, dewberry, rose, neroli, geranium, cardamon and pink pepper. Base notes of vanilla pod, cocoa, frankincense, amber, musk, woods, patchouli and sandalwood. 

"As one would expect of an Empressa, she travels in style: all abundant pearls, mirrors and fine silks. Like her scent, she leaves a seductive and lasting impression but her noble airs are clothed elegantly in grace. Florals and fruits are exquisitely combined, tamed, because whilst she is sweet she is anything but clingy. A Middle Eastern Rose, from Damascus, makes the fragrance tender; geranium and pepper bring verve. The opening trilogy of blood orange, bergamot and mandarin serve as an inviting, radiant smile. But what lingers of the Empressa, are the sensual depths of amber, patchouli and precious woods. She may always wear immaculate pearls, but the Empressa has a secret fondness for silks and spice. Bright, soft and deeply sensual are the textures of this luxurious, luminous cloak." - Penhaligon's
  • The Penhaligon's Empressa perfume is very luxurious, it leaves a very distinctive yet beautiful trail of scent which lasts the entire day. Empressa is a very clean, crisp scent which is smells absolutely heavenly. I know my mum is absolutely going to love this and I'm now longing to try more scents from the Penhaligon's range. Penhaligon's have a luxurious range of perfumes, candles, both and body products as well as grooming products. You can shop the full Penhaligon's range over at www.penhaligons.com Be sure to follow Penhaligon's on Instagram @Penhaligons_london and Twitter @PenhaligonsLtd
    Do you own a fragrance from the Penhaligon's range?
    Emma x


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