Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Juvenate Eye Balm

Comfort Zone are one of my all time favourite skincare brands I'm absolutely obsessed with every single product I have tried from their range, not only are their products high quality their packaging is stunning. I've recently been using the Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Juvenate Eye BalmThe Comfort Zone Skin Regimen range is an advanced skin care line which specifically focuses on deactivating age-ing and activating longevity. Every individual product in the Skin Regimen range provides innovative and functional ingredients with productive results. As I mentioned I have been using the Skin Regimen Juvenate Eye Balm which is designed to restore elasticity to the eye area while firming and toning the skin. This eye balm has anti-ageing actions for younger looking eyes, it protects the skin as well as toning the upper eye lids leaving a reduced appearance in fine lines and wrinkles. The Skin Regimen Juvenate Eye Balm also tackles under eye issues such as puffiness and dark circles. 
I tend to use the Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Eye Balm morning and night as I feel that's what benefits me most. I simply apply a small quantity of product under my eyes as well as on my upper eye lid, I then dab delicately until the product is fully absorbed into my skin. I absolutely love the texture of the Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Eye Balm, it's very silky and smooth. The product sinks into my skin instantly leaving me with smooth under eyes. I have seen visible results in my under eye area since using this eye balm, it has definitely helped with those fine lines, my under eyes also look brighter and a lot more youthful which is a huge plus for me. The Comfort Zone Skin Regimen Eye Balm truly does work great at firming the skin and reducing darkness around the eye area. I feel and notice a huge difference straight after use, my skin looks more hydrated and fine lines appear less visible. I would highly recommend checking out the Comfort Zone Skin Regimen range if you're on the hunt for a luxurious high quality eye cream.

Have you tried any products from the Comfort Zone Skin Regimen range? Be sure to let me  know in the comments below!

Emma x



  1. Ooh well doesn't this sound a lil' bit wonderfuL! I haven't tried anything from the brand, but now I would L O V E to !
    beautiful images to, as always!

    Georgie As You Wish Uk xxxx

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