Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Unforgettable Holiday Moments With British Airways

Overseas holidays have such a great atmosphere and you get to experience things that leave a indelible mark in your memory. Holidays for me are all about creating unforgettable moments with the people closest to me. I recently surprised my sister with a holiday to Malta which was such an amazing experience. Me and my sister have a very close relationship and I'm lucky enough to call her my best friend. We spend lots of time together and we're always talking about where we want to travel to next. Malta has always been on our top five places we would like to travel to and explore so I decided this would be the perfect place to book. Being able to surprise my sister with a holiday was really special to me and something I myself and she will never forget, I'm very grateful and happy that I was able to do this and create unforgettable memories together. As soon as I stepped off the plane the Maltese warm air hit me and I instantly felt relaxed. Exploring the Maltese Islands was amazing with such breath taking views it took me to a whole new world and I instantly left reality behind for a while. While in Malta we discovered and explored many different places and met some lovely people, seeing different cultures really gives you a different perspective on how other people live which is a really interesting experience. Spending the day exploring the Maltese Islands was a memory that will last forever, their ancient buildings line with cobbled streets and breath taking scenery is something I will never forget.
We traveled to the Island of Gozo across the channel by Ferry, the west coast of Gozo is incredibly beautiful, there are huge cliffs and stunning rock outcrops, it was like the picture perfect exploration. I remember feeling the sea breeze as the boat took us away while watching the clear turquoise sea and hearing the waves made me feel so calm, it felt as if I was in my own little Paradise. Stepping off the boat onto the beautiful golden sandy beach feeling the silky soft warm sand between my toes was unforgettable. I remember this day in Malta like it was yesterday, the sun was shinning bright and I was surrounded with good company. We ended the day by dipping our feet into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea while watching the sun set on the beach. I will always remember these moments in Malta because I got to experience them with my best friend and we made some very special memories that I will hold onto for a lifetime.

British Airways are a company that my family have used for holidays many times over the years and we have made some great memories and seen many beautiful places all over the world. British Airways Holidays understand how important holidays are for people along with creating those unforgettable moments. They aren't just a full service global airline offering flights, they also offer amazing holiday packages where you can find everything you are looking for in just one place. Be sure to share your holiday moments to be in the chance of winning a city break in Rome.

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*This post was Sponsored by British Airways.


  1. Wow your photos are incredible. What an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing this I loved the post, I know want to go on holiday :D

  2. Such a special post, that must of been such a great time. It looks like paradise xxx

  3. Such a heart warming post! I've visted Malta four years in a row and it's a dream isn't it btw ur photos are beautiful
    Tracey x

    1. That's great to hear, it really is such a beautiful place and thanks so much x

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