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"She Designed A Life She Loved" SOSI Quoted Candle & Discount Code

I'm absolutely obsessed with scented candles and I love discovering new luxury candle brands. Here we have a lovely luxurious scented candle from the SOSI Collection. I absolutely love finding out the background stories on how brands actually came about so here's a little insight into the SOSI brand. "SOSI was created by Sophie and Sammy, Sisters by heart. Rule breakers when it counts. Sidekicks with their bucket lists and quote obsessed women when life hits them hard. Their exciting new collection breaks through the noise and without sounding airy-fairy, strives to do business in a more enlightened way. Their end goal is to connect. It's at the very heat of the SOSI Brand; turning a series of moments into a collection of quote candles. With an unconventional sense of naughtiness infused with a cheeky dash of wit and sass, SOSI create little daily reminders of love and laughter. After endless nights of storytelling and midnight inspiration sessions they knew they wanted to create something that set them apart. Inspired by their 'ridiculous' adventures the stories they created planted the desire to create something special; something that reignited the laughter and retold the escapades over and over again. It was at this time that SOSI was born."
SOSI use the highest quality manufacturers to produce natural and 100% soy based products. Each candle is infused with a fragrance that will capture the essence of those wondrous moments, they combine a collection of quirky quotes with delicate designs. The SOSI Collection have a lovely range of quote candles and you can shop the full range over at www.sosicollection.com I have the quote "She designed a life she loved" I absolutely love this quote and it's lovely to read it everyday on my desk while I'm working away. The candle is beautifully displayed in a gorgeous white glass jar with a wooden lid. The style of this candle is lovely, it's classy, simple yet chic and makes an amazing decor piece in my room. The SOSI Collection promise's to add character and wit to your favourite spaces in your home, the collection is inspired by moments which means behind each quote there is a story, so choose a candle that lights you up and share your moment with the #SOSICOLLECTION. The SOSI Collection of quoted candles would honestly make such an amazing gift for a friend of family member, they're beautifully displayed and look very luxurious. The "She designed a life she loved" quote candle was inspired by Sophie's and Sammy's Summer of 2016 when they went to Rome for an independent, spontaneous trip where they realised in this moment they loved their life and who they were in the moment with. The scents in this candle are Lemongrass, Lime and Bergamot fragrance which honestly smells divine, it's the perfect Summer scent. They have up to 30 hours of burning time and are 100% natural and completely soy based.
Lighting candles are my evening ritual which means it's time to relax. I have been burning the SOSI candle and running a bath while giving my skin some tlc using my current favourite face mask. The SOSI candle leaves my bathroom smelling amazing, I feel super relaxed when burning this candle, it's a very fresh scent and looks super chic on my little stool in my bathroom. I'm super impressed with the SOSI Collection, they have a long burning time, they burn evenly and have a lovely range of scented quoted candles available. Not only do these smell amazingly divine, the glass jar will make a super cute little makeup brush pot once it's finished. If you're thinking of treating yourself or a loved one to a SOSI Candle be sure to use my 20% discount code 'LOVEEMMA' at the checkout.
Shop the full SOSI Collection over at www.sosicollection.com

What are your thought's on the SOSI Collection?

Emma x


  1. absolutely beautiful photos Wishing I had smeller vision right now haha thanks for the code x

    1. Thank you hun and you're more than welcome :)

  2. I love scented candles this brand looks very nice great post my love
    Zara xxx

  3. the packaging is real cute xo

  4. This seems like a really nice candle and I love the design!

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I am partial to a candle and this one looks lovely, i like the look of it being very elegant and classy, I would probably put this in my bathroom too. Will be checking out their website, a girl is always allowed to treat herself right?! :)


    1. Of course I 100% agree! Treat yourself more haha! It's such a lovely candle and it's quite big too so it will last such a long time! The perfect quote in my eyes xx

  6. I absolutely love that these are soy based! That quote is so wonderful, this might be one of the cutest candles I've seen yet and the packaging is great too. Your photos look very cozy, perfect for a night of reading xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days


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