Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Autumn Ginger & Cinnamon Bread

With Autumn in full swing I've really been enjoying baking and finding new recipes that are simple and quick. There's something so comforting about homemade bread weather it's savoury or sweet nothing beats tucking into some freshly homemade bread, warm from the oven. Autumn bread is an ultra moist fall treat that not only tastes amazing it leaves your house smelling absolutely divine. I made these delicious ginger and cinnamon loafs and thought I would share the recipe and outcome of my first time baking bread. This particular recipe is super easy to make and you'll want to make it over and over again.
400g Strong Brown Bread Flour
7g Sachet Dried Yeast 
1½ Tsp Salt
1 Tbsp Soft Butter
1 Tsp Ginger 
1 Tsp Cinnamon

- Mix the strong bread flour, ginger, cinnamon and one sachet of yeast into a large mixing bowl. Add in the butter and mix the ingredients together. Then go ahead and add in 300ml of warm water and mix together to form a dough.
- Place the dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead it for around 8-10 minutes until it feels smooth and elastic. Once the dough is kneaded enough place it into a loaf tin with baking parchment. Allow the dough to sit for around 1 hour, this allows the dough to rise and once it's ready it will feel light and springy on top. 
- Place the bread tin into the oven at around 220C and bake for around 30-45 minutes or until golden brown.
What's your favourite treat's to bake in Autumn?

Emma x

Saturday, 28 October 2017

A Super Sweet Autumn Treat

One of my favourite Autumn treats are toffee apples and with Halloween in a few days it's time to make your own! There's something so comforting about apples covered in sticky toffee topped with chocolate or nuts, they taste divine and only take around 15 minutes to make. I'm not at all an expert on making these but I thought I would share with you the recipe and how mine ended up turning out! I love to top my toffee apples with mixed nuts, this makes them even more delicious. Be sure to let me know in the comments below a few of your favourite Autumn treats!
8 Apples
400g Golden Caster Sugar
1 Tsp Vinegar
4 Tbsp Golden Syrup
Place all of the apples into a large bowl and pour boiling water until covered, this helps remove the waxy coating on the apples which means the caramel will stick easier. Ensure all of the apples are dry and that a wooden skewer or stick has been placed into the stalk, then lay out a sheet of baking paper and place the apples on top. Next up is to make the toffee, pour the sugar into a pan along with 100ml of water (medium heat), you should cook this for 5 minutes until the sugar has dissolved, then stir in the vinegar and syrup. To test if your toffee is ready pour a little into a bowl of cold water if it hardens instantly then you know it's ready. Covering the apples in toffee can be a little tricky and you have to work rater fast or your toffee will start to harden. Dip each apple in to the toffee and place it back onto the baking paper. Toffee apples are such a fun Autumn treat and taste so much better than shop bought ones. You can add any toppings which makes it even more fun, I went for mixed nuts and they tasted divine!!


Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum

The Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum is a water based corrective serum to help target pigmentation, brighten your skin and restore an even tone. An uneven skin tone can be caused from a number of daily environmental issues and skin can look dull when dehydrated. Antipodes have created a serum to target both of these issue while helping to leave the skin radiant, healthy and nourished. The Antipodes Apostle Serum has many benefits to the skin, it helps to minimise facial redness, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. It also support skin renewal and radiance helping to leave the skin with an even refreshing glowing look. It contains ingredients such as Vinanza Oxifend which helps to prevent skin cells from becoming stressed to reduce redness. The Waiwera mineral water restores and maintains maximum hydration without making skin heavy, while it's antioxidant rich Vinanza Performance Plus is released to prevent melanin production that causes pigmentation. 

I tend to use the Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum in my night time routine, I will simply apply from my face down to my neck after cleansing. I will then apply the Antipodes moisturiser for extra hydration. The Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum is perfect for this time of the year, it leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and soft to touch. I love that it gives my skin a boosting glow and is 100% natural. If you're suffering from dull tired skin then I highly recommend checking out a few of my favourite Antipodes skincare products down below.

What are your thoughts on the Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening Serum?

Emma x

Saturday, 21 October 2017

The Ultimate Cosy Night In

The nights are getting darker and colder and this means more cosy nights in under a blanket. One of my all time favourite things about Autumn is it's the perfect excuse for the most snuggly, cosy and warm night in. Get comfortable put your favourite pjs on, grab a face mask and a hot chocolate and have a relaxing night at home. It's also the perfect excuse to build a cosy area and fill it with all of my new soft blankets and cushions! Here are a few of my essentials for a cosy night in, I hope you enjoy this style post and be sure to let me know in the comments down below what are your essentials for 'The Ultimate Cosy Night In'.
Candles are my number one essential for any cosy night in. There's nothing quite like getting cosy and burning your favourite scents for the season. A relaxing night in means it's time to create a mood with your lighting and candles are the perfect way to do that. I recently did a huge H&M Home order and got rather happy in the candle section. I picked up this amazing glass jar candle in the scent Dark Orange and Bergamot which literally smells like Autumn in a jar. I love to burn this in the evening time as it has a lovely relaxing and not too over powering scent. I recently did a full blog post on my Autumn Candle Edit so be sure to check that out if you need some more Autumn Candle inspiration. 
I LOVE cosy soft thick knit blankets! One of my favourite things to do is create a cosy little area with lot's of blankets and cushions. This beautiful throw is from one of my all time favourite homeware stores Cox & Cox. This mustard throw is crafted from wool in a deep shade of mustard, it also has a lovely elegant cream fringing and is the perfect accessory for a cosy night in. I'm honestly obsessed with this throw, the quality is exceptional and it's so thick and cosy! I now want it in every single colour they have available. 
H O T   C H O C O L A T E S  &  S N A C K S
Whether it's a tea or hot chocolate nothing can make you as cosy as sitting down with your favourite hot drink. I love hot chocolates all year round but now that's it's Autumn I like to switch it up a little and add some ginger or some cinnamon into my drink. This smells but also tastes amazing!! You can’t have a cosy night in without something sweet, and these ginger leaf shaped biscuits are divine. I recently did a blog post on how to make these, they're super quick and easy and make a lovely treat to dip into some warm tea.
P A M P E R  T I M E
Cosy nights in require some skin tlc, there's nothing quite like a mini pamper session where you light a candle and use your favourite face mask. I love face masks and they're an essential in my weekly skincare routine. I'm forever using the Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask which helps to immediately restore the skin’s radiance while leaving a healthy natural glow. It is formulated to boost the skin’s natural radiance while restoring luminosity back into your complexion. It is also enriched with the Vichy Thermal Spring water to soothe and hydrate the skin. Autumn for me means dryer duller looking skin so face masks that hydrate and give me a radiance boost are a must have. I absolutely love this face mask it leaves my skin feeling super soft to touch, hydrated and has a lovely natural healthy glow to it.

What's your ideal cosy night in? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Emma x


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

An Autumn Bake - Ginger Leaf Biscuits

Autumn is all about coyness and what's one way to make your cosy evenings a little more delicious other than a bit of baking! I absolutely love baking at this time of the year so I decided to make some of these basic yet super tasty ginger biscuits using these adorable leaf shaped cookie cutters. This recipe is quick and easy which is great when your craving those delicious treats but don't want to spend 3 hours making them. Dip these into some tea, trust you'll love them!! 
225g softened butter
110g Caster Sugar
275g Plain Flour 
1tbsp Ground Ginger

- Preheat the oven to 180 C / Gas 4
- Beat the butter in a large mixing bowl until soft. Add the sugar and beat together until the mixture is light and fluffy.
- Sift in the flour and your chosen spices, mix together and form a dough.
- Lightly flour the surface, roll out the dough and cut your biscuits into your chosen cutter shape and place on a baking tray.
- Bake for around 10-15 minutes, until lightly golden brown and firm on top.
What's your favourite thing to bake in Autumn?

Emma x

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Autumn Candle Edit

Autumn is officially here! With the nights drawing in it's time to get cosy, there’s just something about this time of year that seems magical, the world changes colour and it means cosy nights in, blankets, crunchy leaves, hot chocolate and online shopping.. There’s nothing quite like it!! I personally burn candles all year round but when it gets to this time of the year and the nights get colder there's something so pleasing about my house smelling of Autumn. I have a huge candle obsession and here are a few of my favourite scents for Autumn! 
Without a doubt the signature White Company Autumn candle has to be one of my all time favourite scents. This scented candle has a floral and fruity scent, it's a crisp combination of fruity notes of pear, quince and apricot blended with musk and amber. I love to burn this during the day, it's truly the perfect day time candle.
Diptyque have a stunning range of candles and I'm longing to add more to my collection. The Diptyque Figuire candle has a the warmth of bark, the freshness of the leaves, and the milky sap of it's fruit. This smells absolutely divine, literally like Autumn in a jar!
Chelsea Latte Candle
I love discovering new candle brands and I recently came across Chelsea Candle a lovely little online store that sells a variety of jar candles and diffusers. Here we have the Chelsea Latte candle which has a creamy coffee scent and it's honestly divine.

H&M Dark Orange/Bergamot Candle
H&M have an amazing range of candles and at such affordable prices! I recently pick up a few of this mini scented candle in dark orange and bergamot. It smells amazing, these are perfect for burning whilst I'm in the bath. 
Comfort Zone Aromasoul Mediterranean Candle
The Comfort Zone Aromasoul range is all about relaxing and with Autumn amongst us why not take a back seat and relax a little. This perfumed candle has fresh and sparkly citrus hints evocative of the beneficial energy of the sea. It is based on Mediterranean lemon,  juniper, sage and geranium. It smells absolutely lovely and my whole room is left with this fresh scent that truly does give you that hygee feeling.
Whiskey Wicks Pumpkin Spice Latte Candle
The Whiskey Wicks Pumpkin Spice Latte candle is one of my all time favourite scents, you know Autumn is here when the pumpkin spice lattes arrives. It has notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice mingling with the strong scent of coffee. Every single year this is first candle I burn as it gets me so excited for these next few months!
What are your favourite Autumn Candles? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!
Emma x

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

An Autumn Skincare Switch Up

A seasonal skincare switching up is very important in giving your skin the tlc it truly needs. As the leaves burst with colour and the warm weather fades away bringing in those crisp colder winds it's really important to switch up your skincare regime. As we move into Autumn I notice the biggest change in my skin so it's important for me to ensure I'm using products that are truly beneficial to my skin. My skin tends to get quite dry around this time of the year so I like to switch up a few of my everyday skincare products so I thought I would share a few of my favourite little gems at keeping my skin super hydrated and moisturised this season. I'm a great believer in sticking to a skincare routine but discovering new products that work for seasonal changes is great for your skin and you will see huge changes if you find products that work for you.  

Keeping your skin hydrated this season is a must as the colder weather draws in the skin loses moisture easily so it's important to find and use products that help restore the barrier of the skin. As I mentioned my skin can become particularly dry during the colder months so it's important for me to let me skin recover at night. I have recently been using the Comfort Zone Renight Oil which is a nourishing vitamin oil that promotes a double nourishing and anti-oxidant action. It has a silky yet non oily texture and is suitable for all skin types. It is enriched with Goji berry, vitamin E and macadamia oils for an intensive night time anti-oxidant treatment. I absolutely love the look and feel of my skin once I use this, my skin appears regenerated and nourished. I simply apply a few drops all over my face and neck in the evening before going to bed I shall then massage it in until it's fully absorbed. It truly gives my skin that over night lift of moisture it needs.
Power up your skin with a brightening and moisturising face mask this season. Using a face mask at least twice a week can help to quickly turn your tired face into a clear and smooth complexion. Boost hydration levels with the Herbivore Brighten Instant Glow Mask. I absolutely love the Herbivore skincare range and have recently been using the Herbivore Brighten Instant Glow Mask, this is a truly natural radiance mask that features gentle fruit enzymes, rice powder and micronised brazilian tourmaline gemstones. The Herbivore mask illuminates and energises the skin while gently exfoliating and leaving the skin with a fresh new glow. This mask instantly makes my skin feel refreshed and moisturised. I simply apply a thin layer to cleansed skin and leave it on for around 15-20 minutes or until the mask is completely dry. I shall then rinse it off with warm water and a muslin cloth. I tend to used this around 2-3 times a week depending on how my skin looks and feels that week.
Removing your makeup at night is a must!! Leaving your makeup on and going to bed contributes to clogged pores and the inability of the skin to fully repair itself at night. I've been a huge fan of the Antipodes skincare range for the longest time now, all of their products are 100% organic and natural and very beneficial to the skin. I have recently been using the Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser which is a dermatologically approved organic cleanser that is a true gift for sensitive skin conditions. It gently removes daily impurities and all traces of makeup from the skin without irritating it. The Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser is a blissfully soothing cleanser for every day use that reduces redness and protects the skin from environmental aggressors. It is also dermatologically approved for even the most sensitive of skins. I love that feeling of fresh cleansed skin so double cleansing is a must for me. Your skin carries oils and dirt throughout the day so double cleansing ensures all dirt is removed and you will honestly feel and notice a huge difference in the condition of your skin after double cleansing at night. The Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser leaves my skin effectively cleansed, refreshed and silky soft to touch. My skin is left feeling nourished, super hydrated, moisturised and soft to the touch. Be sure to let me know you skincare essentials in the comments below as I love discovering new products. You can shop my Autumn Skincare Essentials below!


Saturday, 7 October 2017

Vichy Dermablend Range

I've always been a huge fan of Vichy and their skincare line and I've been really impressed with each and every product I have used so far. I recently discovered the Vichy Dermablend makeup range and knew I had to try it out. The Dermablend range is designed to conceal imperfections providing a complete, natural looking coverage for even the most serious skin imperfections and flaws. Dermablend provides instant coverage and lasting results. The foundations can be used by those with vitiligo, angioma, couperose, rosacea, acne, dark circles, pigmentation disorders, post-operation and other scars or burns. The highly pigmented formulations of Vichy Dermablend provide instant and total coverage of even the most severe cutaneous imperfections, leaving perfect looking skin for up to 16 hours. It is also recommended by Dermatologists and used by many make-up artists. 
Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder 
This long-lasting powder will set your make-up and significantly prolong it's life. It has been specifically formulated for use with the Dermablend Corrective Foundations but is suitable for use with other foundations and bases. The Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder ensures a water and smudge-resistant finish. It's specifically formulated to prolong the wearability of Dermablend foundations. It's microfine texture is translucent upon application so it doesn't affect the chosen shade of corrective foundation. It provides a matte and natural looking finish which I absolutely love. The Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder is super lightweight and is even suitable for those with sensitive skin. I simply apply foundation to my face and then I shall apply the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder on top using the powder puff supplied, I tend to then let it bake on my face for a while and then brush off any excess powder with a fluffy brush. This is the perfect setting powder, I love that it doesn't leave my foundation looking cakey at all. It helps to keep my makeup in place all day long and I honestly can't recommend it enough.
Vichy Dermablend Covermatte Powder Foundation
The Vichy Covermatte Powder Foundation provides up to 12 hours of full, buildable coverage with an SPF 25. This gives the skin a natural, matte finish while helping to minimise the appearance of imperfections while also leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. Before applying the Vichy Covermatte Powder Foundation you need to ensure your skin is cleansed and you've applied your daily moisturiser. Simply then apply a small amount of powder on to the sponge and apply in circular movements. From the centre of the face outwards ensuring you've applied an even application. I absolutely love the look of my skin when I use this foundation, it's also great that it's buildable so you can get the desired look you personally want.
Vichy Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation
The Vichy Dermablend Corrective Fluid Foundation is a smooth foundation for use on even the most sensitive and fragile skin. This blendable foundation contains a high concentration of high coverage pigments and an ultra-supple texture for a flawless 16 hour coverage with no mask like effect. I absolutely love this foundation it's the perfect foundation for Autumn time. The Vichy Dermablend Corrective Fluid foundation is a high coverage, long hold foundation that provides a natural, flawless finish. The coverage is amazing and you don't need much concealer with this foundation. I love the high coverage yet natural look this foundation gives and I've really been impressed with it so far. 
Vichy Dermablend SOS Cover Stick Concealer
The Vichy Dermablend SOS Cover Stick Concealer provides up to 16 hours of full coverage and has a SPF 25. It conceals minor to severe skin concerns such as dark circles, acne, scars, and uneven skin tone, minimising the appearance of redness by providing immediate coverage. The formula is enriched with a careful dose of mineral pigments, beeswax, carnauba wax and a lightweight oil, the formula allows for more spreadable and waterproof coverage that blends in effortlessly. I absolutely love that this is non cakey and that it also includes an SPF. I simply dab the stick directly onto the area I wish to correct, with delicate touches I use my fingertips to pat the product into my skin. I find this product does work better using your fingertips rather than a brush but overall I was really impressed with the high coverage it gave. Shop the Vichy dermablend range below.

Have you tried any products from the Vichy Dermablend range?

Emma x


Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Comfort Zone Aromasoul Range & Giveaway!

Comfort Zone produce fine quality luxurious products that nourish and treat the skin at a high level. They're one of my top skincare brands and I absolutely love very single product I have tried and still continue to use. Comfort Zone have teamed up with me to share the Aromasoul range as well as give one lucky winner the chance to win the complete range (details below). The Aromasoul range consists of a lovely luxurious candle, a mediterranean spray, a body cream and a shower gel. This line of products is rich in essential oils and aromatic extracts with nourishing, tonifying and revitalizing actions.
The Comfort Zone Aromasoul Mediterranean Room Spray has a super luxurious fresh citrus scent with sparkly hints evocative of the beneficia energy of the sea. I love to spray this first thing in the morning and also at night when I'm taking a bath, it leaves the room smelling super fresh and you instantly feel more relaxed. 
Autumn is the perfect time to get cosy and burn all of my favourite scented candles. The Comfort Zone Aromasoul perfumed candle has fresh and sparkly citrus notes. The wax is made of a blend of mineral ingredients and high percentage of vegetable ingredients to greatly stimulate the scent.
The Comfort Zone Aromasoul Body Cream is a rich luxurious cream with active ingredients that are nourishing and protecting to the skin. The intense tones of the fragrance evoke the vitality and warmth of the Mediterranean. The ingredients include essential oils of Basil, Lemon, Cypress, Mandarin, Anise, Lavender, Shea Butter and Olive Oil. I love to use this after I've taken a shower, my skin is left feeling super nourished, hydrated and soft to touch.
The Comfort Zone Aromasoul Soft Shower Gel is rich in essential oils with protective and reinvigorating actions. It cleanses the skin gently with a creamy, delicate foam which sets free a perfume of intense tones, an expression of vital energy and lush landscape of the Mediterranean. This shower gel smells absolutely incredible, it's fresh and has a real relaxing fresh scent to it. 
Comfort Zone have teamed up with me to give ONE of my lovely readers the chance to win the full Comfort Zone Aromasoul Range. See details below.
Giveaway with Comfort Zone:
ONE lucky winner will receive the amazing complete Comfort Zone Aromasoul Range. The winner will be chosen at random via the giveaway widget, once I know who the winner is I will contact you and we shall go from there. 
How to Enter:
- Follow Comfort Zone on Instagram @ComfortZone_UK
- Follow me on Bloglovin
- Leave a comment below this post 
Giveaway conditions:
- This giveaway is UK based only (sorry)
- The giveaway will run for 7 days from today 03/10/17 until 10/10/17
One entry per person
- The winner will be contacted within 24 hours of giveaway closing, if you haven't gotten back to me within 48 hours another winner will be chosen.
Happy giveaway and GOOD LUCK!

You can purchase the Comfort Zone Aromasoul range online through Feel Unique and Salon Skincare. You can also head on over to www.comfortzone.it at check out the Spa Locator Page.

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